Free Photography Workshop May 4 at Cultural Arts Center

Photography-lovers are invited to learn and practice the fundamentals of photography at this free, four-hour, hands-on workshop sponsored by the Whitewater Arts Alliance. Join Jeff McDonald and Everett Long as they present, demonstrate, and mentor the class through hands-on practice exercises.  The workshop takes place on Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Whitewater Arts Alliance’s Cultural Arts Center at 402 West Main Street in Whitewater.  The workshop is free, open to the public, and all are welcome to attend. However, in order that the WAA may better plan the workshop, those planning to attend are asked to please RSVP to

Topics covered will include: camera basics such as camera controls, getting sharp images, and changing lenses; digital photography basics such as getting proper exposure, automatic and manual exposure modes, auto-focus and manual focus, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance; and artistic considerations such as composition, light and shadow, depth of field, and capturing motion. Several stations with varying photographic subjects will be arranged for participants’ practice exercises.

Participants are asked to bring their camera with its user manual, charged battery, and memory card. The camera should have a manual exposure mode (where shutter speed, aperture, and ISO may be set manually) and use interchangeable lenses. Users of other types of cameras are welcome to participate but the workshop is designed for the cameras described. At least one tripod will be provided for the class to share but participants may want to bring their own tripod if they have one.

“Everett and I have conducted several Whitewater Arts Alliance photography programs over the last few years and we appreciate the positive response and feedback. The most-requested suggestion from attendees of those programs has been for us to include a hands-on component where participants bring their own cameras and get first-hand guidance on their use. The new four-hour format will allow us the time for this to be practical,” said Jeff McDonald

For award-winning photographer Everett Long, photography became an avocation and a passion after retiring from a 31-year career teaching history at UW-Whitewater.

Long said, “I’ve always had cameras, using them primarily to record family events and travels.  My principal subject matter since becoming serious about photography are what generally could be defined as nature photography, including landscapes, flowers (both representational and abstract), birds, water scenes, fall colors, as well as sunrises and sunsets, etc. A tripod is necessary for obtaining the close-up photos of flowers and other small objects in nature which I favor.  Adobe Lightroom permits me to organize, store, and edit the thousands of digital photos that I have taken over the years.”

Jeff McDonald’s photography has been recognized with awards at international photography exhibitions in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia. His photographic interests include black and white, long exposure, landscape, architecture, street, and still-life photography.

“My objective as a fine art photographer is to produce remarkable images. Motion, unusual visual perspectives, and interesting light intrigue me, as do the found elements of a scene that challenge one to frame them into an interesting composition. In my view, fine art photography is far more about presenting the artist’s interpretation of reality than it is about presenting objective reality, as it would be for a photojournalist. To that end, I embrace the tools of the digital darkroom, the modern analogue of the chemical darkroom, applying them as little as possible but as much as necessary when they help me achieve my artistic vision,” said McDonald.

McDonald is a Whitewater Arts Alliance board member and has served as chair of its Fran Achen Photography Competition for the last four years.

Materials for participants to bring:
 – Camera with a manual mode, preferably one that uses interchangeable
 – Camera’s user manual, charged battery, memory card
 – Note-taking materials

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