Fran Achen Photography Competition Award Winners Announced; Show Runs through July at Whitewater’s Cultural Arts Center

The Whitewater Arts Alliance announced the award winners of the 10th Annual Fran Achen Photography Competition that runs through July 28 at the Cultural Arts Center on 402 West Main Street in Whitewater. Currently on display in the Cultural Arts Center Gallery are 111 photographs representing the work of 34 photographers from around southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Jeff McDonald, Chair of the show and Whitewater Arts Alliance Board Member said, “The overall quality of the show is outstanding and there have been more positive comments than we could count. Thank you to the photographers who submitted their work. Thank you to our judges, Michael Flanagan and Gerald Emmerich, Jr., as well as to the many volunteers involved with the show and the gallery. Thank you to the Whitewater Arts Alliance for sponsoring the show.”

Some photos from the opening reception are up on the show’s web page at:

Congratulations to the award winners:

Best of Show: David Bueschel: “Once a Farm”

Accomplished Karl Mohr, Cindy Vondran, Mary Ellsworth, Gary Galger

Accomplished – 1st Place: Gary Galger: “Desolation”
Accomplished – 2nd Place: Karl Mohr: “Freeport Area Farm”
Accomplished – 3rd Place: Cindy Vondran: “Twilight Mill”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: William Eklund: “Dreamline”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: William Eklund: “Mill Race”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: Mary Ellsworth: “Spring Snow”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: Gary Galger: “Geometry”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: James E Meldrum: “The Cosmic Steam Engine”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: Donald Parsons: “Micro Crystals #1”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: Cindy Vondran: “Passing Time”

Amateur Melanie Hayes, Robert Buell, Ellen Mecca, David Bueschel, Jason Miklik

Amateur – 1st Place: Robert Buell: “Winter Trees”
Amateur – 2nd Place : Rita Carpenter: “Le Vieux”
Amateur – 3rd Place: Melanie Hayes: “Blooming Creek”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: David Bueschel: “Time Was”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: David Bueschel: “Jaguar”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: Ellen Mecca: “Batteries”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: Jason Miklik: “Ektachrome Composition #6”

Youth-Teen Hannah Keziah Agustin-Downtown and Hogan Alexander-Foggy Morning

Youth/Teen – 1st Place: Hogan Alexander: “Foggy Morning”
Youth/Teen – 2nd Place: Hannah Keziah C Agustin: “Downtown”
Youth/Teen – 3rd Place: Campbell Alexander: “Infectious Purple”
Youth/Teen – Honorable Mention: Campbell Alexander: “Raspberry Bloom”

Visitors to the show can still vote for their favorite photograph, and The Viewers’ Choice Award will be announced on the last day of the show after all the votes are counted. 

Fran Achen was a longtime Whitewater resident, teacher, and local photographer. He is most remembered for his photographic collection which chronicles the history of Whitewater.

The mission of the Whitewater Arts Alliance is to promote the visual and performing arts through an alliance of artists, individuals, educational resources, and organizations to promote creativity and diversity that will serve to educate and enrich the lives of the residents of the Whitewater community and surrounding areas.

Contact: Jeff McDonald, 262-473-5086

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