#FlashbackFriday with the Historical Society: Oak Grove Cemetery Circa 1900

It’s time once again for #FlashbackFriday with the Whitewater Historical Society.

Happy Halloween! On Halloween, walking near or in a cemetery is a spooky experience, so here’s a view that you can enjoy without getting scared.

This is one of the glass plate negatives in the Scholl Collection of images taken between 1890 and 1910. Henry Scholl was fascinated with Hillside Cemetery and there are about a dozen or more Hillside images in the Scholl collection, but only one of Oak Grove Cemetery and this is it. It shows the elaborate and beautiful cast iron fence that once graced the cemetery along with the large entrance arch. Today, only the arch and pillars are standing.

Join us next week for more from the Whitewater Historical Society.

(3981GP, Whitewater Historical Society)

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