Ferradermis Claims Laser Lights Title

Whitewater High School’s Robotics Team Ferradermis took to the field on Saturday, July 24, for one last summer off-season competition and came away champions. Laser Robotics hosted the second ever Laser Lights event at Kettle Moraine High School with 12 robots participating.

Drivers Elijah Grall and Reilly Aschenbrener and Human Player Jazmin Cederberg went 10-2 in their 12 qualification matches, leaving them seeded #1 and able to make the first pick in the alliance selections. Competition Logistics Captain Shane Kinson then invited Team 1259 Paradigm Shift from Pewaukee High School to join our alliance. The final member to join our alliance was Team 6823, USM Robotics, the Wildcats from the University School of Milwaukee.

Behind some great autonomous shooting and a fantastic end-game, the Ferradermis-led alliance defeated the #4 ranked alliance in the best of three semi-finals. The semi-finals were forced to a third match tie-breaker after the #4 alliance implemented an excellent defensive strategy.

The finals matches featured all three teams from the alliance that won the Unofficial State Championship in Manitowoc on July 10, with Paradigm Shift playing on the Ferradermis alliance and Team 8002 The Knack from Lake Country School and Team 6421 The WarriorBots from Muskego High School leading the opposing alliance. The #2 alliance was joined by Team 1792 Round Table Robotics from Oak Creek High School. The Ferradermis alliance quickly defeated the #2 alliance 160-134 and 166-137 in the best of three series to claim the Laser Lights title. Ferradermis also won the inaugural 2019 Laser Lights event. The event did not happen in 2020 due to the pandemic.

A highlight of the day for Ferradermis was having two future members spend all or part of the day with the team. Freshman Onyx Thompson and eighth grader Chacha Binagi were able to spend time in the pit and plan match strategies alongside senior Shane Kinson. The team is looking forward to meeting more new members during boot camp which begins on Saturday, July 31. If any Whitewater High School student is interested in attending the six boot camp sessions, please reach out to Laura Masbruch at lmasbruch@wwusd.org.

Ferradermis would like to thank all of the volunteers who made the event possible including alum Gwynne Sahyun for doing field setup on Friday and field reset all day Saturday and alum Rosie Aschenbrener for serving as one of the referees on Saturday.

The new game for the 2022 FIRST Robotics Season will be unveiled on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Article and Photos Submitted by Laura Masbruch
Whitewater High School Robotics Advisor and Banner Volunteer

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