Dr. Roberta Wedl, WWUSD Medical Advisor, Offers Shout Out to Administration, Board, Teachers & Staff

As volunteer Medical Advisor for the WWUSD, over the past several months I have been involved in many discussions with administrators, health personnel, school board members, teachers, and staff regarding the management of district responsibilities amid the COVID-19 crisis.  I would like to offer a big shout out to these individuals who are working tirelessly to plan and carry out not only the education of our students during this unusual time, but also celebratory school events within the confines resulting from the global pandemic.  As a public entity, the school district is accountable to the people and must at all times consider the health and safety of their students, staff, and community as a first priority.  I have seen, firsthand, how these caring leaders work (at all hours) within the limits of state restrictions, legal requirements, public safety concerns, and liability coverage in order to plan the most meaningful events for their students.  Thank you to the administration, school board, teachers and staff of the WWUSD for your time and efforts.  We appreciate you. 

Roberta Wedl, M.D.

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