Dirt’s Being Moved by the Roundabout; Has Kwik Trip Broken Ground?

Photo courtesy of Ken Knuteson

The Banner is grateful that Ken Knuteson reached out with news that work has started at the roundabout on Elkhorn Road on the east side of town. He thought that it is Kwik Trip starting to move dirt.

Mr. Knuteson is correct that the work is related to the planned Kwik Trip store, though the actual start of construction is farther off than some had hoped. Brad Marquardt, City of Whitewater Director of Public Works, told the Banner that Kwik Trip is “prepping for blasting of bedrock in the near future. However, actual construction of the building is not slated until mid July. I do not have a completion date.”

When asked if he has concerns about the potential impact of blasting on nearby buildings, Mr. Marquardt replied that in Wausau, where he previously served as Director of Public Works, “We (the contractor) blasted all the time…to install new sanitary sewer and/or watermain in existing streets with houses on both sides.”

Kwik Trip also owns property at Janesville Street and Highway 59, and has indicated that construction of that store is anticipated to follow closely behind that of the other store.

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