Computer Science Students Compete in Computational Thinking Challenge

On November 8, Whitewater High School students currently or formerly enrolled in computer science courses participated in Bebras International Computational Thinking Challenge. Bebras is an online competition where students are presented with 15 puzzles/questions that they are challenged to solve in 45 minutes or less.

The questions typically involve some sort of picture or graphical element that challenges students to think like a computer. For example, one of the questions this year asked students to find at most how many shoes someone had to try on to find the perfect size if all of the shoes in the store were arranged by size and width (see graphic). The answer is provided at the bottom of the article.

Brian Apgar, Colin Chenoweth, and Tyjai Geoghan (L-R)

Freshmen and sophomores competed in the “junior” division while juniors and seniors competed in the “senior” division. Pictured are the top three finishers. Freshman Tyjai Geoghan finished with the highest score in the junior division, which was also the third highest score in the school. Senior Brian Apgar scored the highest in the senior division, missing only one question, followed closely by senior Colin Chenoweth.

Junior Division Results:

1st: Tyjai Geoghan

2nd: Jon Chan

3rd: Elijah Grall

4th: Blake Wegner

Distinction: Arno Crowley, Nicholas Weirich

Senior Division Results:

1st: Brian Apgar

2nd: Colin Chenoweth

3rd (TIE): Broderick Frye, Thomas Utynek, Andy Vo

Distinction: Shawn Chan, Nathan Wood, Peter Zimdars

Correct Answer: 2

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