City Cautions Regarding Water Treatment Solicitors

The City of Whitewater would like to caution residents regarding unwanted water treatment solicitations. If you receive an unwanted solicitation, please use caution and disregard.

Frequently, private water treatment companies that are not associated with the City of Whitewater will go door-to-door offering water quality tests. Even though the test may be free, the solicitors will often then try to sell you an expensive water treatment system or other unnecessary products.

The Public Works Department has recently started to receive calls and emails reporting an unwanted solicitation from C&P Clearwater. C&P Clearwater may try to seek entry to your property to perform water quality tests and mention that neighbors have complained about water quality. The C&P Clearwater representatives are in no way affiliated with the City of Whitewater Public Works and you do not need to allow entry or water testing.

The City of Whitewater provides drinking water quality reports on our website. These reports communicate the source of the City’s water supply and also summarize all of the detected constituents from the sampling results for each year as well as any violations of Safe Drinking Water Standards.

The Water Utility department is dedicated to providing you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the quality of your water. All city officials will have identification.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Water Superintendent, Jim Bergner at 262-473-0560.

Editor’s note: The above press release was received from the City of Whitewater. According to online reports, some residents of other cities including Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Beloit have received deceptive postcards such as the one below in advance of the visit of these solicitors.

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