Chancellor Watson issues statement on social media incident

In an announcement listed on the University announcements page, Chancellor Watson released the following:

Message from Chancellor Watson regarding social media incident

Dear Warhawks,

In response to a video that has been circulating on social media that may involve a current University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student, we have received numerous communications from community members, students and alumni expressing concern.  

The type of behavior exhibited in the video is concerning to many, including leaders of UW-Whitewater. We do not want our institution branded as a place of hate. As a university, we take great pride in upholding our values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are in the process of reviewing the post. Please trust we will follow both UW-Whitewater and UW System policies to ensure that everyone’s rights are addressed, protected and respected. We take these allegations seriously, but we do want to ensure that the process is equitable. 

These are tense and stressful times, and we appreciate that our community values the vigilance concerning our institution. If you have any questions, or find other instances that you feel are hate- or bias-related, please contact our Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer Kenny E. Yarbrough at 262-472-1910 or email him at

You may also submit a report by using the following link:

In community,

Dr. Dwight C. Watson

Banner comment: Click here for a related article in The Gazette titled “UW-Whitewater Reviewing Social Media Post Including Racist Content.”

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