Award-winning author shares tips about writing a memoir – January 26 on Zoom

Tuesday, January 26 at 7 p.m.
Live on Zoom

“Some writers use diaries, journals, photos or family histories to jumpstart writing a
memoir. For me, a dream ignited my interest in writing a five-volume series starting with –
Escaping Her Dungeon of Despair, based on my own experiences.” —Vivian Probst
The Dwight Foster Public Library invites you to attend this timely presentation. We will
broadcast Probst’s presentation on Zoom and Facebook Live. To register for the Zoom portion
go to

Vivian Probst is a novelist, writer of several memoirs, linguist, and champion of language skills.
She wants to inspire people to write their memoirs, especially now, during the time of COVID-19
when they may have more time to put their thoughts on paper.

“Each of us has a unique life story that shapes our future and can inspire others. I hear people
say, “Someday I’ll write a memoir.” “I say do it! It can be hard, I know, to share painful
memories but it can also be a healing process.”

Probst is not new to memoir writing. Three years ago she chronicled her deeply personal story
about what it took to restore her marriage. The experiences were recounted in her riveting
memoir, I Was a Yo-Yo Wife.

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