All WUSD Schools Meet or Exceed Expectations on State Report Cards; High School Improves Significantly

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released its annual report cards on all the districts and schools in the state on Tuesday, 11/13. The ratings are based on test scores, student growth, absenteeism, the district’s ability to close gaps among disparate groups of students, being on-track for graduation, and post-high school readiness. The Whitewater Unified School District as a whole achieved a score of 73, which was exactly the minimum score required in order to be considered to “exceed expectations.”

The scores assign the performance of a district/school into one of five categories:

83-100, significantly exceeds expectations.

73-82.9, exceeds expectations.

63-72.9, meets expectations

53-62.9, meets few expectations.

0-52.9, fails to meet expectations.

The schools achieved the following scores and recognitions in 2018-19, compared with 2017-18

Lakeview Elementary – Exceeds expectations – 80.6 (Last year, Significantly exceeds expectations – 89.1)

Lincoln Elementary – Exceeds expectations – 76 (Last year, Exceeds Expectations – 82.2)

Washington Elementary – Significantly exceeds expectations – 84 (Last year – Significantly exceeds – 91.2)

High School – Exceeds expectations – 74.6 (Last year – Meets expectations – 66.8)

Middle School – Meets expectations – 66.1 (Last year – Meets expectations – 65.4)

Other districts in the area achieved the following overall scores:

Delavan-Darien: 76.8

East Troy: 76.2

Edgerton: 76.5

Elkhorn: 78.8

Janesville: 64.2

Milton: 78.7

Scores in the Palmyra-Eagle School District, currently under consideration for closure:

Eagle Elementary 77.3

High School 77.2

Middle School 60.7

Palmyra Elementary 71.8

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