“A Year at the Library in Numbers”

Stacey Lunsford, Director of the Irvin Young Library, shared the below graphic with the Common Council at its meeting on March 3. Some other facts that might be of interest:

  • Past due fines are no longer applied to children’s books.
  • You may use your library card at any library in Jefferson or Waukesha county.
  • The Winter City Markets have been an “unqualified success,” bringing additional traffic to the library on Saturday mornings.
  • The Library Board continues to work on possible expansion plans.
  • The graphic says 900 questions were answered. Does that include “where’s the restroom,” and questions that could have easily been googled? Stacey responded, “No. Our reference questions aren’t unusual, but they fall into the area of “must be reliable,” so it will be medical, legal, or government questions most of the time.  The client needs a particular form or they don’t know what office they need to contact or they want a book on the subject not just a webpage article but don’t know any titles or authors or what is factual information as opposed to quackery.  They will put their particular disease or condition into Google and get a million hits back.  They don’t know which sources are science-based and which are ads to sell them on a treatment.  That sort of thing.”

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