A Message from the Deporter Family

To our family, friends, strangers, the entire Whitewater and surrounding communities THANK YOU!!

We will never forget the December 18th night when our peaceful lives turned upside down after we lost our home and our beloved dog, Zander. It has been a surreal time. Thankfully our family is safe, which is by far the most important part of this whole experience. Losing everything we own is sad but the things we own does not define who we are inside. Sometimes the worst situations brings out the best in us and others.

Our family would like to begin by thanking ALL the first responders. To the firefighters and the police of Whitewater/Walworth and several surrounding towns, we cannot thank you enough for your heroic efforts!!

To the Whitewater, Palmyra, Elkhorn, Big Foot, Fort Atkinson and other communities who I may have forgotten, a heartfelt thank you for all of your generous donations!!

While we are devastated that the experience of our house fire will be engraved as one of our children’s biggest childhood memories, we take comfort by the fact the incredible acts of kindness will be a much vivid memory. They have seen all of the goodness in the world in the middle of such a frightening time of doubt. The compassion and generosity that has been and continues to be shown to us is unimaginable.

They say what makes a house a home is the people inside. Next year when we return to Lake Lorraine Road, we will come back to our home with not only our family but also the spirit of all of you who have helped us through this challenging time.

There are not enough thank you cards or hours left in our lifetime to write thank you cards to properly thank the people that have loved us, supported us and just been there through this tragedy. Just know we have seen every text message, listened to every voicemail, read all the Facebook messages and treasured each of the beautiful cards that have been sent. We are truly humbled by it all.

We will NEVER forget the support and love you have ALL given us. From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU!!

Have a blessed 2019!

Lots of love,

Dan, Rachel, Marcus, Mason and Danielle

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