24/7 Fitness Access at the Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center

The Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center (WAFC) is now offering 24/7 access for fitness members 18 years and older. The 24/7 access applies to the strength training equipment (i.e., weightlifting, deadlift platforms, benches, free weights, and power racks) and cardiovascular training equipment (i.e., ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, etc.) in the fitness center. 

The WAFC provides individuals, families, students, seniors, and commuters in Whitewater and beyond with an affordable, convenient recreational fitness environment with a variety of amenities including fitness center, aquatic center, group classes, locker rooms, and concessions. 

Previously, the fitness center was open Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Sundays 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Ever since COVID-19, the WAFC team has been focused on rebuilding membership and creating new ways to access the fitness center. 

“It is great to finally be able to offer our members 24-hour access to the fitness center. This allows members the option to work out during the time that best fits their needs. Numerous members have expressed interest in the addition and it’s nice to be able to accommodate them,” says Eric Boettcher, Parks & Recreation Director.

24/7 fitness access enables members 18 years and older to work out at their convenience. With the WAFC being operated by the City of Whitewater Parks and Recreation Board, one of their goals was to make the fitness center more accessible to Police, Fire, EMS, and other city employees regardless of their shifts. 

For safety reasons, 24/7 access applies to the fitness center only. The fitness studio with the spin bikes and fitness classes will be closed along with the locker rooms and aquatic center. Restrooms on the fitness side will be open. The facility is under 24-hour video surveillance, but in the event of an emergency patrons need to contact 911.  The facility (LED) lights will remain on 24 hours a day. 

John Weidl, Whitewater City Manager shares, “This is a perfect example of how Eric and his team continue to provide efficient and high-quality services for our increasingly diverse community and their increasingly diverse ways of living, working, and playing in our community. I can assure you this is just the start of the WAFC’s renaissance!” 

Current members who wish to have after-hours access to the fitness center should stop at the desk for setup. For more information, call the Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center at 262-473-4900.

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