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A (Very) Brief History of Whitewater By Carol Cartwright, Whitewater Historical Society

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(July 25) REMINDER - TODAY- The Whitewater Unified School District will hold a Meet and Greet for District Administrator Dr. Mark Elworthy on Monday, July 25, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., at the Central Office, 419 South Elizabeth Street. All school district staff and community members are invited to stop by for refreshments and to start getting to know Dr. Elworthy.


Kathy Christoff picking up a dozen (13) ears of sweet corn from Carmen Marsh.

(July 25) Marsh's Produce Stand opened up this morning and will be at the Corner of 207 W. Main St. adjacent to First Citizens State Bank early mornings on Mon. Thurs. and Fri.

Monday, July 25, 7pm - Whitewater School Board Regular Meeting at Whitewater Unified School District Central Office Agenda: Overnight Field Trip Approval Boys' Group Camping Trip to a State Park in Wisconsin Juan Gomez; Review and Discussion of Referendum Question and Communication Plan Eppstein Uhen Architects and JP Cullen; Discussion regarding Name of Lincoln Elementary School; Resignation - 1st Grade and Music Teachers, Lakeview Elementary; Social Studies Teacher, Whitewater High School; Employment - 1st and 3rd Grade Teachers, Lakeview Elementary; 6th Grade and 7th Grade Teachers, Whitewater Middle School; English and Social Studies Teachers, Whitewater High School; and Custodian I, Whitewater Middle School; 201617 Paper Contracts Approval and Annual Notice of the District's 2016-17 Student Academic Standards.

Wednesday, July 27, 4:30pm - Urban Forestry Commission Meeting at Cravath Lakefront Room, 2nd floor City Municipal Building Agenda: City Forester - Planting update - Tree pruning/maintenance/planting Construction update; Bird City/Bird Talk (information and comments); Bird of the Year: Woodpeckers of Whitewater; Bird count or Swift Night Out; Fall school outreach (woodpeckers or ?); Tree City/Tree Talk Downtown tree signs; Home Lumber landscaping; preliminary report Park landscaping progress; Minneiska Park (completed report); Walton Oak Park (preliminary planning); Clay St. butterfly garden (basic layout) and new Commission meeting time (fourth Wed. of month - permanent?).

(July 24) Follow-up to an earlier posting concerning replacement grocery store. First a short summary comment: Daniels' Sentry Foods closed its doors for the last time in December 2015. For almost three prior years the Sentry Building has been for sale. In October 2015 the Daniel's family announced the December closing. In January 2016 the Community Development Authority started to have meetings on this issue. Around March and early April City staff were notified that the UWW Foundation was in the process of purchasing the Sentry Building and the offer to purchase was accepted around April 20th. Meanwhile the CDA at a April 6th special meeting, the Directors considered and discussed and approved the authorizing a contract with Perkins Marketing Company for conducting a market analysis to determine the feasibility of opening a food store in Whitewater. Included in the contract was an option for forecasting for a natural food co-op. The market study was completed on May 9th.

The study considered five locations for new food purveyors with three different formats that might be able to exist in Whitewater. Five locations were tested.
Two locations were tested as convention supermarkets (the Sentry Store - Site 2000 location for a Mainstream Grocery (14,000 -21,000 sq. ft.) and (Site at Elkhorn & Bluff - Site 5000 Location for Mainstream Grocery (14,000 to 21,000 sq. ft.).

Two for cooperative format food stores (Burtness Chevrolet - Site 3000 location for a Co-op Grocery (6.600 sq. ft.) and (Ketterhagen Ford - Site 4000 location for for a Co-op Grocery)

One for an addition of food for the existing store (Winchester True Value - Site 1000 (Hardware and Food, around 5,000 sq. ft. for Groceries).

The Executive Summary copied from the Market Study is as follows:
The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of opening a food store in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Whitewater is located in Walworth County and its current trade area population is 21,941 which is a 2.1% increase over the Census 2010 population. The trade area is expected to grow to 22,305 or another 1.7% over the next three years. There are 4,001 students living in resident halls as of April 2016 and nearly 8,000 other students living in the city of Whitewater in various residences provided by private landlords.

The average weekly per capita supermarket expenditure (P.C.E.) for the trade area is $39.50 which equals a weekly potential of $866,639. The 9 identified competitors of the trade area are receiving $733,500 or a 84.64% market share. Total float, which consists of minor facilities and leakage, is $133,139 or 15.36%. Competition is comprised of nine stores; Two Walmart supercenters, two Festival stores, and one each of Woodman's, Pick 'n Save, Jim and Judy's, Piggly Wiggly and Aldi.

There is only one food store open in Whitewater today. When Walmart converted to a supercenter the now shuttered Sentry's sales plummeted and profitability was challenged. Eventually Sentry closed their facility in December of 2015. As happens in such cases where competition is removed from a marketplace customers react by finding other sources to procure their needs. In this situation consumers have to drive considerable distances to find alternatives and the lack of convenient competition in town has created an opportunity for new entrants to offer food products.

This study considers five locations for new food purveyors with three different formats that might be able to exist in Whitewater. The Decision Matrix on page 3 (posted below) compares each site opened individually with anticipated market changes open. There is one scenario tested with the highest sales producing format locations open in concert.

Five locations were tested. Two locations were tested as convention supermarkets, two for cooperative format food stores and one for an addition of food for the existing True Value Hardware store.

Presented Scenarios:
Scenario 1 - True Value Hardware at Site 1000 adds food to its product mix utilizing 5,700 square foot of his existing total building and 4,000 square foot of his selling area.

Scenario 2A - Mainstream Supermarket at Site 2000 opens a 20,000 square foot facility with 14,000 square foot retail selling area in the shuttered Sentry store. Scenario 2B - Mainstream Supermarket at Site 2000 opens a 30,000 square foot facility with 21,000 square foot retail selling area in the shuttered Sentry store.

Scenario 3 - Co-op opens at Site 3000 a 8,800 square foot facility with 6,600 square foot of retail selling area in the Chevrolet Dealerships existing building.

Scenario 4 - Co-op opens at Site 4000 a 9,280 square foot facility with 6,900 square foot of retail selling area in the Ford Dealerships existing building.

Scenario 5A - Mainstream Supermarket at Site 5000 opens a 20,000 square foot facility with 14,000 square foot retail selling area in the shuttered Sentry store.

Scenario 5B - Mainstream Supermarket at Site 5000 opens a 30,000 square foot facility with 21,000 square foot retail selling area in the shuttered Sentry store.

Scenario 6 - True Value Hardware at Site 1000 adds food to its product mix utilizing 5,700 square foot of his existing total building and 4,000 square foot of his selling area. Mainstream Supermarket at Site 2000 opens a 30,000 square foot facility with 21,000 square foot retail selling area in the shuttered Sentry store. Co-op opens at Site 4000 a 9,280 square foot facility with 6,900 square foot of retail selling area in the Ford Dealerships existing building.

For a copy of the Market Study It is a large file 6MB and not an easy read with many pictures.

(July 24) St Patrick Catholic Church Vacation Bible School -Aug. 8-12.

(July 24) Whitewater man sentenced to six months in jail after shooting people with BB guns

Marios Shahollari's decision to shoot at people with a BB gun during Whitewater's 2015 July Fourth celebration was “impulsive” and “stupid,” several speakers agreed Thursday in Walworth County Court.
For more from an article by Jonah Beleckis for the GazetteXtra.com

(July 24) Lauren Hayes returns to the Fort Atkinson area for a recital titled, "200 years of Parisian Harp Music" on the St. Peter's Episcopal Church Concert Series on July 31. The concert will occur at St. Peter's Episcopal Church at 302 Merchants Avenue in Fort Atkinson at 4:00 pm and is free and open to the public.

A 2010 graduate of Fort Atkinson High School, Lauren has earned her undergraduate degree in harp from the University of Arizona and her Masters in Harp Performance With Distinction, from the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The selected program is a vibrant mix of styles, textures and timbres that is centered around two cornerstone compositions, both a part of the core repertoire of the harp: Debussy's Danse sacrée et danse profane and Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra.

Written in 1778 in Paris, this Concerto was Mozart's only piece that utilizes the harp. The Debussy will be complimented by another standard in the harp repertoire, Fauré's Impromptu No. 6, Op. 86. These two French pieces were both written in 1904 as "test pieces" for conservatoires; each possessing a very different characteristic of the idiomatic writing of the time in Paris. The Fauré, quite famously, was written as a test piece for the Paris Conservatoire and was heavily influenced by the prominent composer, Hasslemans. In contrast, the Debussy was written as a test piece for the Brussels Conservatoire for the newly invented "chromatic harp" (a pedal-less instrument in which a single string was devoted to each chromatic note) to show off this new instrument and the students' abilities to master it. Because of the drastically different types of harp they were written for, the Debussy portrays the use of the whole tone scale and harmonies often associated with later composers of the 20th century.

The Fauré portrays the typically lush, impressionistic writing, most often associated with the French arts scene of the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Also on the program, Histoire du Tango, was written in 1986 by Ástor Piazzolla. Although Piazzolla paints a picture of Argentina in the 20th century through this composition, his primary goal was to bring the tango from the dance halls of Argentina to the concert halls of Europe and America. This program demonstrates a stark contrast between each composition, while maintaining a common influence of some of the greatest composers, teachers and harpists to ever grace the music world and the beautiful city that remains an epicenter of musical creation and performance.

Also performing on the program with Lauren will be the outstanding young American flutist Elyse Davis.

Elyse, native of Prescott, Arizona, is currently pursuing her doctorate in flute performance at Florida State University, where she holds a Teaching Assistantship.


Additionally, an exceptionally talented string quartet of Wes Luke and Elspeth Stalter, violins; Elisabeth Duessen, viola and Benjamin Whitcomb, violoncello will accompany on the Mozart and Debussy.

Wes Luke - is the Concertmaster of the LaCrosse (WI) Symphony, the Principal Second Violinist of the Dubuque (IA) Symphony Orchestra, and a section violinist in the Madison (WI) Symphony Orchestra. He holds degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently serves on the teaching faculties of the University of Dubuque, Divine Word College, and Loras College.

Elspeth Stalte-Clouse is a graduate of UW-Madison with a Master of Violin Performance degree. She performs with the string chamber group affiliated with the Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Up Close and Musical program, which brings orchestral repertoire to the ears of children in elementary schools in the area.


Elisabeth Duessen has Degrees from the Eastman School of Music and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro; and is an elementary orchestra teacher in the New Berlin Public schools.

Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb is Associate Professor of Cello and Music Theory at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Member of the the UWW String Chamber Music Camp. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and Oklahoma State University.

(July 24) Whitewater Country Club is under new management (Kiefer Sullivan) with a new pub-style menu available and offered by the Country Club staff. In addition there will be an increased focus on golf/golf outings/tournaments/PUBLIC GOLF. The City Championship will be hosted on Sat. July 30th. It is an 18 hole event where anyone is invited to come and compete to be the king or queen of golf in Whitewater for 2016. This may be the first of this kind of event held within the city, as well as at the course.

(July 24) Lauderdale-LaGrange Fire Dept Steak Fry Annual Steak Fry Sat. Aug 13th noon-8pm at Lauderdale Landing.

(July 24) WHS Graduate Kyle Trewyn and former Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, Baseball volunteer assistant coach Kyle Trewyn has returned to the Braves as a full-time assistant coach for the 2017 season and the University competes at the NCAA Division I level and compete in the Missouri Valley Conference.

For the news release on the appointment


(July 22) The Whitewater High School graduating class of 1961 held their reunion on Saturday night at Evergreen Golf course. Significant about this reunion was, "College Hi" joined the reunion as well as the WHS class of 1960. Over 100 former students, spouses, and other guests were in attendance. "College Hi" closed in 1959.

(July 22) Eleven year old Reese Brantmeier of Whitewater will represent Wisconsin at the United States Tennis Association's (USTA) National Championships in Alpharetta, GA.

In June, Reese qualified to participate in the Midwest Closed Championships in Lansing, MI and was also selected as a member of Wisconsin's District Cup Team.
As a member of the District Cup Team Reese traveled to Indiana with 7 other top 12 and under girls and boys players and coach Frank Barnes, head coach of UW-Whitewater, to compete with other district teams from the Midwest. Reese won 4 of her 5 singles matches as the Wisconsin team took 4th place overall.
She then traveled to Midwest Closed Championships in Michigan to compete with the top Midwest players in both singles and doubles. Out of 64 doubles teams Reese and her partner won the championship cup! Reese continued on in the 128 person singles tournament making it to the round of 16 winning 7 of 8 matches and finishing as the winner of her back draw. She was also selected as the recipient of the tournament's sportsmanship award. Her results at the Midwest tournament qualified her for the 12 and under Nationals in Alpharetta, GA this August.

(July 22) Due to high community interest the following summary chronology of the Grocery store issue is provided as follows with special notes regarding the almost three years the Sentry Building has been for sale. The chronology is also in response to a news release that arrived yesterday from the City and is posted after the listed chronology (This is longer than most Banner postings):

2013 until Oct 21, 2015 - Ken Riley, general manager for Daniels’ Sentry, said in an article in the Daily Jefferson Union, Wednesday, October 21, 2015 issue: "I exhausted all four wholesalers in the state and eight different retailers I sat down with in the last two-and-a-half years and just wasn't able to get anybody,” Riley said. “It was just unfortunate. That was our No. 1 option, to solidify some jobs, but we couldn't do it because the store is just too big for the volume.”

The first open meetings on the grocery store issue by the City after the closing of the store announcement are summarized as follows.

Jan 28th Meeting of the CDA CDA Directors heard from Mr. Stakowski, of Great Lakes Food, who provided feedback regarding the City’s efforts in attracting a grocery store. Around 2007-2008, Mr. Stakowski was considering opening a grocery store on the eastside of Whitewater. At that time, Wal-Mart was not offering grocery options and other cities in the region did not have grocery options. Mr. Stakowski has a market assessment conducted, and it showed the eastside of Whitewater could indeed support another grocery store at that time. For reasons related to the economic conditions of 2008, Mr. Stakowski did not continue efforts to open a grocery store. In 2012, Mr. Stakowski’s company was part of a project that had another grocery store feasibility analysis done. At this time, the total potential trade market for 2012 was about $660,000. Wal-Mart was capturing approximately $340,000 and Sentry was capturing approximately $175,000. What is significant is that 26% of the dollars that are eligible for grocery were traveling elsewhere, this is called “float” in the grocery business, how many dollars that are actually leaving the market place. Within the past year (2015), Mr. Stakowski would estimate that 35% of all eligible grocery dollars have left the community. At this meeting an ad-hoc subcommittee of the CDA was formed to present the CDA, recommendation of a market analysis and community survey proposal. For video on this meeting with extensive discussion on the issue, comments on an earlier public discussion of the issue, history of interest and the mention of Perkins and a market study. .

Feb 25th Meeting of the CDA CDA Directors heard a report that the Ad-hoc Committee had an informational meeting and that the next steps will focus on a market analysis and citizen survey.

March 22nd CDA Ad-hoc Committee Met and primarily discussed Grocery COOP system. (Agenda and minutes not on CDA web page) Video was available.

Around this time period UWW staff notified City staff of the intent to purchase the Sentry Building by the UWW Foundation and then subsequently lease the space to UWW. Approval was not needed however no apparent problem with this development was noted. The UWW needed this for campus growth and a location for UWW community outreach offices and other offices as well as the child care center currently using space in the Roseman Building on campus. Full use of the Sentry building less the Banking office area was planned. Parking availability and accessibility was a premium consideration. The offer to purchase was accepted around April 20th

March 24 meeting of the CDA. CDA Directors were presented information relating to a Perkins Grocery Market Analysis. Chuck Perkins, of Perkins Marketing Company was requested to attend a later meeting on how the study would cover both a traditional grocer as well as a co-operative grocery store and was to be included in the study.

April 6 special meeting of the CDA Directors considered and discussed and approved the authorizing a contract with Perkins Marketing Company for conducting a market analysis to forecast sales for a supermarket in Whitewater. Included in the contract is an option for forecasting for a natural food co-op. Motion was made to approve the contract with the Perkins Marketing Company for the market analysis of a potential supermarket at the price of $6,250 and also including an additional $750 for a cooperative/natural food component in the study, plus expenses.

April 28th CDA meeting It was noted that Mr. Perkins is in the process of identifying potential locations of where a grocery store could be located within the City. Board Chair Knight stressed that he would like for Mr. Perkins to make that determination on his own. This will allow for property owners to compete naturally in the market. Mr. Cannon suspects the study will be completed in the coming weeks.

May 26th CDA meeting CDA staff gave a brief update on the results of the study. Mr. Perkins was asked to come to a future meeting to explain the results of the report. The Board also directed staff to disseminate the information (report) to area grocery stores as part of a recruiting effort.

June 9th CDA meeting Appears to be a special meeting no comments on Grocery Store recruitment.

June 22nd CDA meeting jointly with Common Council In closed session discussed the City offering incentives for a grocery store to locate in City of Whitewater and the purchasing of the property located at 1260 W. Main St. (former Sentry Store). (Remember that UWW Foundation had also noted the intent to purchase in March and actually the offer to purchase was accepted around April 20th) In open session - It was noted that the City Common Council and the CDA have directed the City Manager and the CDA Executive Director (Patrick Cannon) to continue to recruit a grocery store for the City of Whitewater.

July 19th CDA meeting jointly with Common Council to discuss the City offering incentives for a grocery store to locate in City of Whitewater and the purchasing of the property located at 1260 W. Main St. (former Sentry Store). As a result of this discussion it was noted that no direct action will be taken now. However as an update he added that from a feasibility and marketing study it was determined that the Sentry building is the best location for a grocery store. Also that there currently is a viable grocery store interested in operating at that location. However, UWW Foundation has a controlling interest to purchase the building - (see above notes - March April time frame) and it was not noted when this occurred). The critical need of the City for a grocery store at that location, Sentry building, necessitates the City to now work with UWW Foundation to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement to allow an interested grocer to proceed.

From the news release provided below from the city titled Grocery Store Recruitment Update July 21, 2016:
"Due to the University's need for additional space to allow for campus growth and the public's need for a grocery store to bolster the Whitewater economy, the City is actively seeking to create a mutually beneficial solution that would allow for a grocery store to locate in the former Daniels' Sentry building while still addressing the long-term space needs of the University.

Residents interested in expressing their sentiment on this issue can contact the Common Council directly at commoncouncil@whitewater-wi.gov. Comments submitted will also be shared with UW-Whitewater Foundation and UW-Whitewater officials."

Is this an effort to bring public pressure to change the plans UWW Foundation has for the building and allow space for a grocery store?
It appears that the Foundation courtesy of notifying City of their intent earlier in the year has now changed. There are steps that have been taken for the UW Regents approval and subsequent issuance of a city conditional use permit.

Also from the city press release - "As of Tuesday, July 19, both parties (City and potential grocer) have verbally agreed to a tentative framework that provides for a grocery operation to be located at the site of the former Daniels' Sentry Foods."

The building is in the control of UWW Foundation so the "tentative framework" means the Foundation needs to accommodate this action or NO GROCERY STORE? Are there other options noted in the Perkins market study that addressed this possibility since the Sentry building was for sale for over three years up until this April? On May 26th The CDA Board directed staff to disseminate the information (report) to area grocery stores as part of a recruiting effort. Report is probably available for public and copy will be requested.

Story will continue and probably take a little more time but it is anticipated that a grocery store will locate in the city and incentives will probably be required!

(July 22) News release from the city titled - Grocery Store Recruitment Update July 21, 2016 Daniels' Sentry Foods closed its doors for the last time in December 2015. Since that time, the Whitewater Common Council and Community Development Authority (CDA) have been rigorously engaged in efforts to recruit another grocery store in Whitewater.

As part of the City's efforts, the CDA commissioned Chuck Perkins, a respected marketing consultant in the grocery sector, to conduct a grocery market analysis in order to identify various locations for a new store, as well as clarify a store size the Whitewater community could support. Based upon his market analysis, Mr. Perkins indicated that a smaller store located at the site of the now vacant Daniels' Sentry Foods building has the greatest opportunity for long-term success. Shortly after the completion and release of the market analysis report, the City of Whitewater was contacted by an independent grocer interested in potentially locating a store in the community.

Since the first contact with the interested grocer, city officials and staff have been working closely with the potential grocer to develop a plan which would allow for the establishment of a new grocery store in Whitewater. As of Tuesday, July 19, both parties have verbally agreed to a tentative framework that provides for a grocery operation to be located at the site of the former Daniels' Sentry Foods.

Earlier this year, the UW-Whitewater Foundation, in an effort to address UW-Whitewater space needs on campus, submitted a formal offer to purchase the Daniels Sentry property. Their offer has been accepted and a lease agreement for use of the space awaits confirmation by the UW System Board of Regents.

Due to the University's need for additional space to allow for campus growth and the public's need for a grocery store to bolster the Whitewater economy, the City is actively seeking to create a mutually beneficial solution that would allow for a grocery store to locate in the former Daniels' Sentry building while still addressing the long-term space needs of the University.

Residents interested in expressing their sentiment on this issue can contact the Common Council directly at commoncouncil@whitewater-wi.gov. Comments submitted will also be shared with UW-Whitewater Foundation and UW-Whitewater officials.

Questions or concerns regarding grocery recruitment efforts can be directed to Patrick Cannon, CDA Director, pcannon@whitewater-wi.gov, 262-473-0148 or to Cameron Clapper, City Manager, cclapper@whitewater-wi.gov, 262-473-0100.

(July 21) The Whitewater Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their annual uptown & downtown Maxwell Street Days on Main Street Friday, August 5th and Saturday, August 6th with indoor and side walk sales!

Hours are dependent on each individual store and vendor. Check with your favorite stores to find out when they will be open during those times.

Shop at the countless sidewalk sales to take advantage of all the discounts!

Here are some of the stores participating in the sidewalk sales:
Bergey Jewelry - 50% off everything outside & 20-50% off select items inside!
Quiet Hut Sports- Sale prices on new and used bikes & all summer clothing!
Reflections of the Past- 50% off (original price) summer clearance. 10am-5pm
Muebleria Leon Furniture- Mattress, rugs, blankets, all furniture 20-25% off. Sales inside and outside!
Fanatico- 10% off entire meal on August 6th with the mention of the discount!
Mcullough's Prescriptions & Gifts- Check out their inside summer sales with savings up to 50%!
Dale's Bootery- 20% off in-stock merchandise (Birkenstock excluded) & hundreds of shoes starting at $10!
Aropa Designs- Sidewalk sales include Whippet & Warhawk Apparel and much more!
Woodland Quilts- 25% off value fabrics & 75% off selected fabrics!
Home-Crafted & Home-Based vendors will also be participating!

All of these and MORE will be taking place during Whitewater's Maxwell Street Days

(July 21) Continuation of the three of Whitewater's very own Banner City Bikers in ALASKA and now back in Canada! Russ Rogers, Bruce Parker and John Sanderson reported from Canada with more pictures. After leaving Fort Saint John on 29 they stopped along the way to take a tour of a Dam ( 500' ) below ground, then south towards Hope BC. They had to stop for fuel a few times and then they had to stop at Hell's Gate before getting to Hope for the night. Today they should be eating Great food Kris' house in Oak Harbor Washington. Therefore back in the USA

Peace River British Columbia, Canada

Dam Diagram

Dam Engineer - no it is Bruce Parker in his element with hard hat!

Experience Hell's Gate

Russ Rogers taking in the view of Hell's Gate and John Sanderson with cone!

(July 21) Jefferson County area 4-H and FFA members participated in the county's 50th annual Meat Animal Project Sale on Sat. July 9th.
Members develop and utilize their knowledge of nutrition, meat production, fitting, showing, herdsmanship, and record keeping to raise and show quality market animals for the sale. Proceeds from the sale stay with the exhibitor to help further their educational experiences.

Participating in this year's sale were Anna and Matthew Lucht of Stone School 4-H Club. They would like to extend their sincere appreciation to Frawley Oil Company, First Citizens State Bank, and Banco Insurance Agency for purchasing their market lambs. They would also like to thank Delta Electric and The Scharine Group for their support bidding on their animals as well.

2016 Jefferson County Fairest of the Fair Jennifer Michel with Anna Lucht and her market lamb purchased by Mike Frawley of Frawley Oil Company

Jennifer Michel with Kasey Reed, representing Banco Insurance Agency and First Citizens State Bank, who purchased Matthew Lucht's lamb.

Also, a thank you to Blake Scharine from The Scharine Group Whitewater, Wisconsin for purchasing the 2016 Jefferson County Fair Supreme Champion Beef Steer shown by Trenten Zahn of Stone School 4-H. Thank you to the contending bidders Jaeckel Brothers Inc. Jefferson, Wisconsin, Frawley Oil Company Whitewater, Wisconsin, and Havill Spoerl Jefferson, Wisconsin. Additionally thank you to Katzman Farms for purchasing the Best of Show Poultry Drake and First Citizens State Bank of Whitewater for purchasing Trenten's first place gander. Thank you for making the Jefferson County Fair Meat Animal Project Sale a success.

Trenten Zahn, Stone School 4-H, with his 2016 Jefferson County Fair Supreme Champion Beef

Thank you to all of the businesses for encouraging youth development and building a future for agriculture in our community!

(July 21) St. Patrick Church Annual Country Fest - Sat. and Sun. July 30th and July 31st

(July 20) Call for Art for Artrageous exhibit to take place in September - Deadline is Aug 10th

(July 19) Bethel United Methodist Church Annual Rummage and Bake Sale Thursday July 28, 8:00 am to 5 pm and Friday, July 29 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Hot Dog stand will be outside Bethel United Methodist Church W5110 County Road A, Elkhorn, WI 53121 262-742-3507

(July 17) The Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center is holding a lifeguard training course August 1-4. The cost of the course is $250 and anyone who completes the course and is hired by the Aquatic Center as a lifeguard will be reimbursed for the course fee. For more information, including pre-requisites to take the course,

(July 17) Girl Scout Gold Award Project - Phase Two - Grow Food Share Food by Morgan Radaj

Did you know: there is enough food grown in this world to feed every human 2000 calories a day?
Let's do our part locally by donating any extra unused produce to the local food pantry. Don't let it spoil! Come to the City Market on Tuesdays: Morgan has built a drop-box, and all you have to do is bring your extra fresh fruits and veggies down to the City Market, which runs most every Tuesday from 3:30-7:30pm. With some help, she will transport your fresh food to the food pantry that same night and then into the hands of those hungry in our area the very next day. She will be conveniently located near the SweetSpot and you can drive up and drop off your food if it is too heavy to carry. All fruits and vegetable donations welcome, even if you didn't grow them yourself!

(July 17) Fire Department and Police Departmant are sponsoring a fitness room fundraiser. They are remodeling their fitness room and and require funds for new equipment. Tickets will be available at City Hall, from any Police Departmant or Fire Department member.

(July 14) The Whitewater Community Clothes Closet is preparing for their 4th Annual Backpack Distribution Day.
The event takes place at The Whitewater Congregational United Church of Christ. They need YOUR Help to make it happen. Please find it in your hearts to donate school supplies, back packs, underwear, socks and gently used shoes and clothing. These items can be dropped off at Whitewater Public Library, Winchester True Value Hardware, Whitewater City Market and at Congregational UCC at 133 S. Franklin St. They will also accept monetary donations (made out to Whitewater Congregational UCC ). With your generosity they will surpass the 175 that were handed out last year and hopefully get to 200 this year.

Together let`s send our children into the new school year with smiles on their faces and determination on their minds. This Collection begins now and continues until the end of August.

THEY GIVE A HUGE THANKS TO ALL IN ADVANCE..... They know they can always count on the generosity of businesses, churches, friends, neighbors and relatives in this city and surrounding area.. a kind and caring people.

Phone # for Questions 262-379-0187

(July 10) A FREE presentation on the basics of plein air painting (but not an actual painting workshop) will be given by local artist Karolyn Alexander Tscharnack on Saturday, August 13, 11:00 a.m. - noon at the Birge Fountain (in front of the Whitewater Cultural Arts Center, 402 W Main Street).

Painting en plein air is painting on location, out of doors in the fresh air. Plein air painting events are popping up all around us: Janesville, Beloit, Cedarburg, Jefferson (summer 2017), and this year at the Whitewater Main Street Festival on Sept. 10th. If you are curious about plein air painting, please plan to attend. Artists of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Karolyn will provide basic information, tips on setting up equipment, and will also answer questions. A free handout with checklist will be provided to each registered attendee. Anyone interested in attending is asked to please email Karolyn at karolynalexander@att.net his or her intention to attend. Attendees are welcome to bring a chair or blanket for seating. In case of rain, the discussion will be held in the Cultural Arts Center.

Karolyn is a life-long Whitewater resident and with the encouragement of her father, the late Richard Kettwig, has had a passion for art starting in childhood. She has enjoyed mixing colors and making plain surfaces more colorful since her first box of Crayola crayons. As a youngster she experimented with creating new colors by layering one crayon color over another. The passion for color and color mixing remains today as she uses watercolor, acrylic and collage to make watercolor paper and canvas surfaces more colorful.

An early retirement from UW-Whitewater as an IT training coordinator permitted her to focus on art. In April of 2003 she began taking watercolor classes from the late Marilyn Keating at L'Atelier Art Studio in Janesville. Since then she has taken workshops with Kari Anderson, Shelby Keefe, Ratindra Das, Karen Ragus and Laura Lein-Svencner among others. In addition to watercolor, she enjoys doing collage and most recently creating acrylic abstracts. Regardless of the medium she finds delight in experimenting with and using color.

(July 10) Every child deserves to have the supplies that are needed for school each year. But for some families, providing them is a struggle. The Whitewater Arts Alliance Board invites you to bring much needed school supplies to the Cultural Arts Center (402 W Main) whenever you are coming to the building in July and August.

These supplies can be everything from crayons, rulers, scissors, colored pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, backpacks. . . they need everything! They will distribute them to the five schools in the Whitewater Unified School District right before school starts. (Suggestion: Shopko has some amazing sales on school supplies during August!)

The Board has also provided in the past a small contingency fund for each school for children that might need help with lunch money, a field trip, money to join an athletic team, etc. So if it is easier for you to contribute this way, please just send a check payable to Linda Long to 1560 W Wildwood Rd., Whitewater, WI 53190.

(June 29) Science Detectives Day Camp at UWW The day camp will be running August 9-11 for students entering Grades 3-8 in the fall. Cost is $150, but students who attend Whitewater Unified School District can receive a 50% discount by registering at the school district office instead of online. More information is online at:

(June 26) REMINDER - August 13th Reservation Deadline - Whitewater High Schools' (WHS and College High) Alumni Association Annual Meeting Dinner (from the menu) Saturday August 20th, 2016 Social hour 5:30 P.M. Dinner 6:00 P.M. 841 Brew House Restaurant 841 E. Milwaukee St. Whitewater For reservations Contact Jerry Grant 262-473-2214 Or e-mail jadawg@charter.net Deadline August 13, 2016


JULY 28th, JULY 30TH, AUGUST 11th, AUGUST 27th - UWW Hosting Free Garden & Landscape Tours

UWW has one of the most beautiful campuses in the state and the Office of Continuing Education is pleased to offer free tours of its campus gardens, greenhouse, landscapes, and prairie this summer. Community members are invited to get an inside look during three tours on five different dates. Join them to learn more about the plants that make up the landscapes and the wildlife that thrives on their bounty. Tours will be led by Wes Enterline, UW-Whitewater's sustainability coordinator and Master Gardener volunteer.

All tours are free, but registration is requested.

Prairie and Nature Preserve
Saturday, August 27, 9:00-10:30am
Meet at Lot 19

Flora, Flowers, and Fountains on Campus
Thursday, July 28, 6:00-7:00pm
Saturday, July 30, 9:00-10:30am
Meet at the Visitors Center, Lot 7

Campus Organic Garden and Upham Greenhouse
Thursday, August 11, 6:00-7:00pm
Meet at the Visitors Center, Lot 7

All tours are free and open to the public. These are walking tours with low activity levels. Register for any or all tours here: .
Campus maps can be found here: .

(June 15) St. Patrick Catholic Church Country Fest - Mark on your calendar and plan to attend!

Whitewater, Wisconsin, weather forecast


(July 24) Merlin Neil Hare, 93, Whitewater, died on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at Mercy Hospital in Janesville, WI.

Merlin was born on September 7, 1922 in LaGrange Township, Wisconsin to Neil and Emma (Rickstack) Hare. He graduated from Whitewater College High School in 1941. Merlin married Margaret Mitchell on March 23, 1948. She preceded him in death In June of 2004. He owned and operated the St. Paul Radiator Shop on Second St. in Whitewater for over 20 years. He then owned and operated M &R Service in Whitewater along with his son Rick. Merlin enjoyed hunting, fishing, bowling and trap shooting.

He is survived by his sons; Stan (Colleen) Hare, Elkhorn, WI and Richard Hare, Whitewater, Granddaughters; Tracey ( Charlie) Scott and Tammy (Mark) Hamilton, Grandsons; Jason, Jessie, Brady and Granddaughter Heather Hare, Great-Grandchildren; Kyle and Clara Hamilton.

He was preceded in death by his parents, brother, Wesley Hare and Sister, Evelyn Grelewicz.

Funeral Services will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 11:00am at Nitardy Funeral Home, 550 N. Newcomb St., Whitewater with burial to follow at Hillside Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Wednesday from 9:00am until the time of the service.

Nitardy Funeral Home is assisting the family


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