WUSD Referendum Update – March 2018

From District Administrator Mark Elworthy:

The WUSD Referendum Projects continue to progress. Three projects were recently finished: Lincoln Elementary Gym, the MS Band Room, and the HS Fitness Room.

  • Lincoln Fine Arts Nights. The Lincoln Gym was open last week. The first performance was the Lincoln Fine Arts Night.
  • MS Band Room and HS Fitness Room have been finished and turned over to the district. The “First Drum-roll” and the “First Rep” are being planned.
  • Renovation for the Lincoln LMC (formerly the Lincoln Lower Gym) has begun. The walls have been modified so that there will be access to the courtyard and natural light in the LMC.
  • Future Areas
    • Middle School – New choir room (April 4 start date) and MS Office-back half (April 16 start date)
    • Lincoln – Main Office (May 9 start date)
    • High School – team locker rooms

Websites for information. Here are some websites that detail the project planning and implementation process.

Click on the meetings. There are detailed documents and updates since the fall of 2017. Prior to the fall of 2017, the District Administrator Report within the agenda has referendum updates.


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