Wisconsin Makers presents “Geek Week”

All Geeks Unite for Geek Week!

We are geeking out at Wisconsin Makers, December 26-28, 10am-5pm, Saturday, December 29, Showcase Day, 9am-2pm. This is a family event being held during the Holiday break. So, if your kids, grandkids and their friends are looking for something to do bring them down to the MakerSpace.

  • Featured Equipment
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Harmonograph
  • Portable Electromagnetic Monitor
  • Holograph Booth
  • Magnetic Tape Drive (early 1990’s)
  • 2nd Generation Digital Camera (early 1990’s)
  • Cardboard City – Make Fest

We have something for everyone during Geek Week. Get those creative juices flowing. On Saturday, Showcase Day, we will be exhibiting your projects as well as projects from other makerspaces. Come down and make something with your friends and show it off on Saturday.

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