WHS Tennis competes in Edgerton Quad

From Coach Nelson: 

On Saturday, the Whippets won the Edgerton Quad Championship. Three out of the four teams were playing with replacements at different spots due to ACT testing, which led to some imbalances in competition at times. Whitewater had Hailey Murphy filling in for their two single’s player Hannah Delaney. The Whippet player was able to play solid tennis throughout the day winning all three matches by 7-0 scores.

Whitewater had a few key highlights throughout the day at different spots. Hailey Murphy, playing her first ever varsity tournament, was pretty worn out by the end of the day, but also quite happy with her play. She played solid tennis, keeping the ball in play and hustling for everything. In her final match of the day she had taken a 3-0 lead in the second set, before losing the next four. She was able to regroup and take the next three games to win the match.

Sydney Treder at number 1 singles played one of her smartest matches ever, in her final match against Edgerton. She was very aggressive at the net, yet controlled and efficient.

At number 1 doubles, Odessa Sonn and Sophie Olson continue to improve their game plan and execution. All day the two played mistake-free tennis.

Saturday was a very good day for the number two doubles team of Melanie Reyes and Mariana Cano. The two have run into some very stiff competition the last couple of weeks, so to be able to get back into the win column will do wonders for their growth. All day the two were able to focus on the basics that the team has been stressing in practice and matches, and they were able to make some nice strides in those areas.

Cassidy Laue, at 3 singles, Katelyn Partoll, at 4 singles, and Marissa Mueller and Tessa Papcke, at 3 doubles, were also all 3-0 on the day. There were times when they struggled with the focus but were all able to overcome those moments to bring everything together to pull out the wins.

The Whippets will be back to conference play Tuesday, Sept. 11, at home, against Edgerton.

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