WHS Girls Swim Team: SLC Conference Relays – 6th place

From Coach Gina Foucault:

A great first meet for the 2018 Girls Swim season! Bringing home the medals for our team were Junior Brianna Zimdars and Sophomores Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers and Amber Krebs. These girls combined to win four 1st place finishes – 4×100 IM Relay, 1000 Freestyle Crescendo Relay, 500 Freestyle Crescendo Relay and the 4×100 Backstroke Relay. In the 4×100 IM relay the girls finished 11 seconds in front of all the other relays. The 1000 Freestyle was another outstanding race with our girls beating the field by 27 seconds! Ella Houwers rocked the unusual 300 yard distance with a 3:07 split! The 500 Crescendo was a little more competitive, but their experience and year round training showed with the girls coming out on top. All four girls had nice splits on the 500 Crescendo Relay. In the 4×100 Backstroke relay the girls were able to put in solid times and beat the entire field by 7 seconds.

In addition to our medal winning relays, the entire Conference Relay team impressed with many times faster than their end of season times from last year. In our first race of the day Maddie Elworthy, Lizbeth Rodriguez, Lexi Hackney and Morgan Radaj raced hard winning the first heat by 7 seconds and beat 2 teams in the 2nd heat to finish in 7th place. Morgan Radaj finished the relay with a 26.91 in the 50 Freestyle anchor spot. These 4 swimmers combined again to swim the second event, the 200 Freestyle Relay. Maddie, Lexi, Lizbeth and Morgan combined four nice splits to break 2:00 minutes. Lydia Bols, Caroline Crowley, Ellie Treder and Mina Truesdale combined to swim the 4×100 IM Relay with great results. These four will definitely be counted on during the season as they are able to legally swim all four competitive strokes and are willing to race hard. Whitewater was the only school to enter a “B” or second relay in the 1000 Crescendo Relay. Lydia Bols, Raquel Ortiz, Brianna Staebler and Ellie Treder were willing to take on the long race and did an outstanding job racing. Brianna Staebler lost her goggles early in the race and did a good job finishing her 300 yards without them. It’s nice to have so many girls willing to take on the longer distances for our team. Our 200 Butterfly Relay team of Caroline Crowley, Brianna Staebler, Raquel Ortiz and Lexi Hackney finished in 7th place earning good points for our team. I am super excited to see how much these girls will improve this year. Our 500 Freestyle Crescendo Relay with Katya Morales, Mikael Schmit, Sarah Morales and Caroline Crowley took on the other long race and did well. Lydia Bols, Caroline Crowley, Mina Truesdale and Lizbeth Rodriguez combined to swim the 4×100 Breaststroke Relay with each starting the year off with very nice times. Mina posted a faster time than any of her times from last year! Rounding out our relays was the 400 Freestyle Relay of Lizbeth Rodriguez, Lexi Hackney, Maddie Elworthy and Morgan Radaj finishing in 8th place overall. All four posted great 1st meet times including a lifetime best from Morgan Radaj with a 1:00.39.

It was a great first meet for the girls and I can’t wait to see the whole team in action!

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