Whitewater Unified School District 2018-2019 New Hires

Back Row Left to Right:  Courtney Klaty, Lakeview 4th Grade; Pam Clark, Lakeview 4K; Melissa Paszkiewicz, Lakeview Early Childhood; Brandon Wein, Lakeview 5th Grade; Justin Kamp, Lakeview Music & 5th Grade Band for Lakeview, Lincoln, and Washington; Cody Larson, Whitewater Middle School Physical Education; Jonathan Lauer, Lincoln 5th Grade; Andrew Krupp, District School Psychologist; Jim Pease, District Athletic Director/ Whitewater High School Health; Ashley Laird, Washington 1st Grade; Kayla Vaccaro, Washington 1st Grade;

Front Row Left to Right: Shelley Navis, Lakeview Counselor; Ben Holzem, Whitewater Middle School Associate Principal; Alice Helmick, Whitewater Middle School 7th Grade; Madeleine Blain, Whitewater Middle School 6th Grade; Rachel Hurley, Whitewater Middle School 6th Grade; Sharine Shinkay-Astin, Whitewater Middle School Counselor; Darsha Olsen, Whitewater Middle School 7th Grade; Sarah Heye, Whitewater Middle School Art; Dawn Shelbourn, Whitewater High School Alternative Education; Kailey Burckhard, Whitewater High School Science;

Photo by Jim Stewart

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