Whitewater Police Department Receives 7th WILEAG Accreditation

Pictured left to right: Captain Adam Vander Steeg, Chief Aaron M. Raap, WILEAG President Mark Ferguson, and Support Services Manager, Sabrina Ojibway

Editor’s note: The following information was provided by the Whitewater Police Department.

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG), has once again accredited the City of Whitewater Police Department (WPD) following a rigorous, on-site assessment of the police department in June of 2021. It is the seventh time the department has been accredited through WILEAG, one of the most of any law enforcement agency in the state of Wisconsin.

“The WILEAG team examined all aspects of the Whitewater Police Department’s policies, procedures, management,
operations and support services,” Police Chief Aaron M. Raap announced. “Verification by the WILEAG team that the
Whitewater Police Department meets the Board’s state-of-the-art standards is part of a voluntary process to gain
accreditation – a prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence.”

WILEAG exists to “promote excellence and professionalism in policing” which, for the WPD Department, included 230 standards. The WILEAG Governing Board met last month to conduct a review of the on-site
assessment and to review feedback from the Whitewater community and professional associates. The Board voted
unanimously to reaccredit the WPD for a three-year period.

The WPD follows their Mission Statement: We strive to be leaders in policing for our community and models of character, honor, service and excellence. We resolve to develop a creative and problem-solving workforce dedicated to innovation and meeting the challenges of tomorrow. In times of crisis, we strive to defend public safety, maintain order and restore a sense of personal wholeness. Our goal is to protect and serve our diverse and dynamic community with integrity, dignity and respect. Central to the WPD’s mission, is a set of values that guide their work and decisions which allow them to make significant contributions to improving the quality of life in Whitewater; those values are: Commitment to Service, Leadership, Justice, Compassion, Partnership and Pride.

“This most recent re-accreditation, combined with the actions and interactions we are engaged in today will further define the character and reputation of our Department and the effect that we have on reducing crime and disorder in our community for years to come,” Chief Raap said. “I am very proud of the men and women of the Whitewater Police Department and grateful for being able to serve such an incredible community.”

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