Whitewater March Calls for Racial Unity

By Lynn Binnie
Whitewater Banner staff

On the beautiful Sunday morning of June 7, approximately 320 people of all ages responded to the request of Whitewater Unites Lives (WUL) to join the countless people around the world who are calling for change. An invitation from Mary Sue Reutebuch of WUL stated, “We are looking forward to sharing the March for Racial Unity with all of you. Our effort here is to unify ourselves as a community and walk in solidarity for all people who suffer under racial injustice. The heartwrenching, infurtiating, pointless, death of George Floyd has certainly stunned our nation and WUL is called to move. Our movement forward is that of a peaceful march together.”

As the group gathered at the Cravath Lakefront Park, many mentioned how difficult it was to recognize other persons, as virtually everyone was following the request to wear a mask and to maintain distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Marjorie Stoneman called for a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives unjustly. As the marchers proceeded down Whitewater Street to Main Street and assembled at the Birge Fountain, many drivers expressed their support with friendly honks and cheers. At the park Christine Hayes, accompanied by her guitar, sang several appropriate songs including “We Shall Overcome.” City Manager Cameron Clapper thanked the crowd for everyone’s participation and expressed the hope for respect and justice for all of humanity.

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The crowd setting off across Whitewater Street to begin the march
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Many marchers carried signs with powerful messages
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“I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand.”
Christine Hayes

The Birge Fountain was a beautiful setting for the heartfelt demonstration
City Manager Cameron Clapper addressing the crowd
One of the youngest marchers. May his generation be the first to know a country where all are treated equally.
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