Whitewater Community Foundation Announces Community Action Grant Spring Cycle

This year marks the 3rd year that the Whitewater Community Foundation (WCF) has awarded grants to nonprofits in Whitewater and those outside Whitewater that serve the Whitewater community. The mission of the WCF is to collaborate with our civic partners to create opportunities for youth and adults to achieve their educational and economic dreams, to create a vibrant city for the arts, and to celebrate and preserve the qualities that make Whitewater exceptional.

Past grants have been awarded to groups that improve the health of Whitewater citizens, as well as providing more opportunities for Whitewater youth to participate in extracurricular camps and workshops and reading programs, providing funding to pay musicians at various nonprofit events and providing help with murals and playgrounds. Please spread the word to those who are trying to effect change in Whitewater. We look forward to working with leaders who are working one goal at a time to make our town a greater place to live.

Interested organizations can find more information at http://www.whitewatercommunityfoundation.org/grants/

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2018.

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