Washington Elementary Hosts Pick a Day Come and Play

Editor’s note: The following information was submitted by Washington Elementary PATT.

September 20th-23rd Washington PATT (Parents and Teachers Together) invited community members to play with students during lunch recess. It is always hard to tell if the adults or students are having more fun!

Monday was Big Rig Day; there was a chopper, a combine, a tractor and grain cart, a dump truck, a semi, a backhoe, a street sweeper, a Humvee, and a MTV. Thank you to JC Kow Farms, Reu Farms, TVL Trucking, City of Whitewater DPW, and the National Guard-Whitewater Armory for providing equipment for the Big day and answering awesome questions from our students.

Tuesday the Whitewater Fire Department and Flight for Life visited. WFD assisted Flight for Life with the landing on our school lawn. WFD also brought a fire truck and ambulance for students to see. The flight crew and fire department members provided an experience that will never be forgotten. The students cheered as the helicopter came in for landing. As the flight took off the pilot turned the helicopter toward the school to wave goodbye! Thank you Whitewater Fire Department and Flight for Life of Waukesha for the awesome experience for our students!

Wednesday was Football Day! Members of the UW-Whitewater Football team and Whitewater High School Football played with students at recess. They got in on all the fun, four square, swinging; they played football and basketball too! Each year the students love to play with the football players. Thank you to the Warhawk and Whippet Football Teams!

Thursday rounded out our Pick a Day Come and Play week with the Whitewater Police Department. This is always a great opportunity for students to have a fun experience with officers. They get to see the inside of the police vehicles and play with officers on the playground. The officers love it just as much as the students! Thank you to Whitewater Police Department for this awesome experience.

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