Exhibit Interior Monologues, by Adam Stoner, Extended at Roberta’s Art Gallery on UW-Whitewater Campus


“Ladder in the Garden” by Adam Stoner (retrieved from artsinmilwaukee.org)

Adam Stoner is an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, known for being bright, symbolic, and poetic in his work. Using his background in theater, he enjoys telling stories about how an individual’s interior world might visually look to the outside world. Adam Stoner’s artwork is a way to demonstrate his idea that people live their lives in their own reality. He explains it as, “somewhere between physical reality and abstract emotions”.



Adam Stoner’s exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery consists of paintings and objects that interpret our interior lives as medieval, religious, and theatrical architecture. The exhibit will be on display until February 23, is free and open to the public. Roberta’s Art Gallery is located in the University Center on campus and is open from Monday – Thursday, 10 am-6 pm, and Friday, from 10 am – 3 pm.