Shop Small, AND Shop Micro Local: Whitewater City Market’s Festive Season

As the holiday cheer ramps up, Whitewater City Market invites all to join the festive spirit by shopping our small and micro local businesses this season. Boasting an impressive lineup of 22 farmers market vendors, the indoor season promises a delightful array of locally-sourced treasures, from tantalizing treats to unique giftables that cater to every taste.

Located in the warm and cozy community room just inside Irvin L. Young Memorial Library at 431 W Center Street, the Whitewater City Market invites patrons to dive into a cornucopia of offerings. From the finest local produce to golden honey, rich maple syrup, artisanal soaps, flavorful jams, and so much more, the market caters to the discerning shopper’s every desire.

“We’ve curated an indoor season that encapsulates the spirit of the holidays,” shares Lisa Dawsey Smith, Volunteer and Market Co-Manager. “It’s not just about shopping; it’s about supporting our local farmers, artisans, and small businesses that bring vibrancy to our community.”

Mark your calendars for the lively Saturday mornings from November to April, between 10 a.m. to noon. But that’s not all – two special holiday markets await eager shoppers. The Shop Small market kicks off the festivities on November 25 at Cravath Lakefront Park, followed by the December 23 market at the community building at Cravath Lakefront Park.

The significance of supporting local markets extends far beyond the delightful products. National data underscores the profound impact of farmers markets:

  • Preserving Rural Livelihoods: These markets provide a stepping stone for budding farmers, empowering them to start small and flourish.
  • Economic Stimulus: Local growers generate job opportunities, creating a substantial impact on the economy compared to non-local sales.
  • Enhanced Access to Fresh Produce: Studies reveal lower prices for quality produce at farmers markets, driving increased accessibility, particularly for SNAP households.
  • Fostering Healthy Communities: Farmers actively engage with patrons, sharing insights on farming practices and nutritional information, contributing to healthier lifestyles.
  • Championing Sustainability: The commitment of farmers to organic standards ensures a sustainable approach to agriculture, benefiting both consumers and the environment.
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“We’re not just a market; we’re a community hub fostering connections between producers and consumers,” adds Kristie Rose, vendor and volunteer.

The Whitewater City Market eagerly awaits the community’s presence at the upcoming markets. The vendors are primed to welcome shoppers with open arms and an abundance of local treasures. Come, be a part of this festive celebration, and make your holiday season truly special!

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