Scam/Impersonating Deputy Phone Calls

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of recent fraudulent phone calls to citizens within Rock County where the caller identifies themselves as a Rock County Deputy. They have been using different names of active Deputies/Supervisors. The
caller(s) indicate the person needs to send them money to clear up a legal manner. At this time, we are not aware of any monetary loss to the public. These phone calls are fraudulent in nature, and we warn the public that the Sheriff’s Office nor our representatives will call citizens asking for money.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office encourages the public to let their family and friends know about these scams. The caller’s have even set up mailboxes identifying themselves as Rock County Sheriff’s Office Personnel so when the person tries to return call appears to be real. Anyone receiving calls of this nature is urged to report it to the Rock County Communications Center at 608.757.2244.

People should always use caution and are reminded not to give personal information or pay monies via phone unless they can verify the source of origin.

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Captain Caleb Beutin

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