Safer-at-home: Cybersecurity tips for those working from home

Working from home? Here are a few tips to help keep you safe!

Don’t Share Your Computer: When possible, use one computer for work and a different computer for everything else. Never let your kids or other family members use your work computer. And don’t forget to lock it every time you walk away from it!

Verify All Incoming Phone Calls: Cyber criminals are willing to take advantage of the fact that many Americans are now working from home. Without access to our office phones, we’re answering phone calls from numbers we might not recognize. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of large numbers of people suddenly working from home. Attackers, pretending to be from the IT department are calling and asking for credentials and passwords. If anyone calls asking for this, do not give them any information, take down their phone number and call your supervisor and the local authorities.

Update your computer: Make sure you are updating the latest patches and upgrades. Unpatched computers are easy targets for cyber criminals.

Don’t fall for a Phishing Scam: When you receive an email, never click on any links provided before verifying the authenticity of the sender. Cyber criminals will often send emails that appear to be from coworkers, friends, families or reputable companies. Trust but verify everything these days!

Be mindful of Malware: Malware attacks are often instigated via email. Once malware has been installed on your system, anything you access the cyber criminals can access.

Don’t forget about your phone: Many of us are using our personal smartphones for work these days. Cyber criminals are sending malicious text messages asking for the receiver to open a link. Additionally, there are mobile applications that track your data!

Be cautious with WiFi: A lot of us are using our own WiFi routers at home. Make sure your router is password protected.

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords: Make sure you are using strong passwords for everything! If you are overwhelmed with password management consider a password manager to help keep you safe!

This information provided by: Cybersecurity Center for Business. Brian S. Dennis, Director.

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