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Whitewater Community Foundation Donation to Lakeview STEAM Center

Through a Whitewater Community Grant, we were able to buy 7 Ozobots. The 4th graders have enjoyed working with them and practicing problem-solving skills.

Donated dictionaries put to use by Lakeview 3rd graders


Thank you to Fairfield Grange for distributing dictionaries to Lakeview’s third-grade students! Students are excited to look up new words as they continue to grow in reading!

Lincoln 4th graders raise money for charity

Lincoln School fourth grade students Rowan and Madeline care deeply about animals.  They decided to put this passion to work by raising funds to help animals in need of homes or rehabilitation. Together, Rowan and Madeline made rubber band and paracord bracelets. They sold these bracelets to Lincoln students and made $200.00!  The proceeds will be sent to two groups that help animals. The first one, Paddy’s Paws, is a dog rescue whose primary goal is to find adoptive homes for amazing dogs that are located in shelters, rescues, and foster homes. The rescue is based in Fort Atkinson, but the majority of the dogs come from Houston, TX, where there is a huge amount of stray dogs.  The second group, Fellow Mortals, is a wildlife hospital located in Lake Geneva. The group provides rehabilitation to wildlife based on the belief that encouraging compassion in humans toward all life brings out the finest aspects of our humanity. This project has certainly brought out the finest in these two caring students! Lincoln School is proud of them and all its leaders who do things every day to make the world a better place.

Perfect attendance rewarded at WMS

September was national perfect attendance month and the Whitewater Middle school honored their perfect attendance students with a certificate of attendance and a free ice cream.  Perfect attendance consists of being to school every day and being on time and in every class on time.  Congratulations to the Whitewater Middle School students.
The following WMS students had perfect attendance in September: Aylin Acevedo Cuevas, Caden Agen, Jesus Alcala, Lillian Altreuter, Aidyn Amundson, Wyatt Anderson, Isabella Aranda, Nataly Benes, Nathan Black, Quincy Boudreau, Payton Bunger, Keith Cameron, Ana Campos Villanueva, Meridyth Cashion, Jazmin Cederberg, Afton Clapper, Caleb Clapper, Ayden Clark, Emma Clarksen, Myialynn Cobbs, Sadie Cohen, Reece Condon, Brianna Cook, Sebastian Cuellar Meza, Danielle DePorter, Alejandra Diaz-Gallegos, Molly Donner, Kaylee Dow, Jaida Downs, Ethan Dugan, Liam Evans, Jazmin Falcon, Collin Falconbury, Julia Feit, Daniel Fero, Grace Foucault, Connor Friend, Adalynn Frye, Sophia Garcia, Angela Garcia-Rivera, Cory Gentry, Katie Gillette, Julian Gomez, Angello Gomez, Kaatje Gunnink, Izabelle Hahn, Dylan Hammerstad, Reece Hammond, Kassondra Heizman, Emily Henderson, Skyler Hibbs, Mitchell Hillmer, Natara Huyser, Mia Islas, William Jay, Justin Johnson, Phoenix Jones, Alexandra Jones, Joshua Kirley, Taiya Kolb, Falyn Krahn, Jake Kuhlow, Gavin LaFlash, Audrey Leising, Maricruz Lopez, Ricardo Lopez-Navejas, Ilana Lothes, Quinten Luehne, Alexandra Martin, Quinlan McCarthy, Benjamin McCulloch, Colten McDermott, Emma McGarry, Rebecca Mendoza, Adesa Meyer, Myles Morse, Henry Mortimer, Mayte Navejas, Leah Newmann, Ava Nygren, Emily O’Donnell, Abigail Olson, Zoe Olson, Ciarra Ortega, Laila Ortega, Andrew O’Toole, Betzaida Palomec, Davin Parboteeah, Johan Perez, Natalie Pett, Trent Pett, Michael Pope, Jarvis Porcaro, Chloe Prince, Jennifer Ramirez, Victoria Ramirez, Connor Raupp, Adrian Rios, Daniel Rocco, Mari Rocha, Hector Rodriguez, Rodrigo Salazar, Carter Schepp, Mackenzie Schimming, Cole Schlicher, Emily Schmidt, Bradyn Schoenbeck, Abigail Sekeres, Leo Servin, Liz Servin, Keenan Sheffield, Aubrey Shepard, Caroline Skindingsrude, Ella Spear, Taylor Speerbrecher, Lliam Stauss, Isaac Straight, Alexandra Sullivan, Andrew Swartz, Onyx Thompson, Claire Tourdot, Iza Tovar, Lucille Troxel, Evelyn Troxel, Dejaney Valles, Samantha Van Daele, Karime Velazquez, Maria Verduzco, Grace Walters, Isaiah Waring, Emma Weigel, Marco Wence, Vanesa Wence, Stephanie Wence, Aiden Wiedenhoeft, Jessica Wilson, Tyler Wright, Caleigh Yang, Kelsy Zingsheim
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