Message from Chancellor Watson on Housing and Extended Drop-off Only Plan

Per a University announcement found here, Chancellor Watson issued the following message:

Dear Warhawks,

A message will be going out later this month to our students regarding their return to the residence halls for the start of the academic year. In that message, University Housing staff will share a number of points including that our residence halls will continue to host two students per room, unless single accommodations have been requested and are available.

Safety is and remains our main concern and we have worked with the local health departments on this matter. Both the Jefferson and Walworth county health departments were consulted prior to this decision being made. Additional steps will be taken to help keep our students as safe as possible in the residence halls including additional cleaning of the common bathrooms, among other actions.

We have said many times, and will continue to stress the fact that fall will look different this year. Among those differences will be that in order to help keep students, families and staff safe, move-in will become extended drop-off only and will occur over the course of nine days ­— Aug. 21 through Aug. 29. Details on how students will sign up for the extended drop-off will be provided in late July. Students will be able to move all their personal items in during their designated period. Students who sign-up for dates prior to Thursday, Aug. 27, are expected to return home until Aug. 30, unless they are approved for early arrival. To help control the overall density of the building, a maximum of two other people will be able to enter the building to help a student move in. Everyone will be required to bring and wear a face covering.

Our traditional faculty, staff and student assistants will not be a part of the extended drop-off this year to help keep our students and their families safe. This is disappointing news to many of you who so enjoy welcoming our students and their families. We will work to provide other ways to make our Warhawks welcome.


Dr. Dwight C. Watson

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