Lifelong Learning Opportunities: Upcoming History Talks

Cold War Stories: Soviet American Tension 1945-1991

Wednesdays, 1:00—2:30

Starin Park Community Building

A timely topic. Join Dr. Richard Haney, Emeritus UW-W, for interesting and informative history talks.

Thanks to the UW-W Continuing Education Department for funding the series. Please call 262-473-0535 in advance, if you will be attending.

  • October   3:     Berlin, the Airlift and the Wall: Ground Zero of the Cold War.
  • October 10:     Korean War 1950-53: A Regional Hot War
  • October 17:     Cuba and the 1962 Missile Crisis: The Brink of Nuclear War
  • October 24:     End of the [first] Cold War [and the Seeds of a Second].

Scholarly Scoop:  Beyond the Peace Accords: Legacies of America’s Secret War in Laos

Friday, October 5 10:30 am

Starin Park Community Building

When did America’s Secret War in Laos end? For most Americans, America’s involvement in this war officially ended with the peace agreements in 1973 and, practically, when the last American left the country in 1975. In this talk, I argue, however, that this war did not end with the peace agreements or American withdrawal from Laos. Instead, it led to another secret war in Laos, more than forty years of Hmong American involvement in this new war, and a long, persistent, but ultimately contradictory relationship between Hmong and the United States in the past half-century.

Nengher N. Vang, a UW-W Assist. Prof. of Transnational American History in the History Dept., teaches the Vietnam War, US foreign relations and empire, Hmong American historical and contemporary issues, and other courses in History and Race and Ethnics Studies. His research interests include US-Asia relations, American imperialism, comparative race/ethnicity, immigration, social movements, and the politics of diasporic communities in the U.S. with an emphasis on the politics of the Hmong.

Please register in advance if you will be attending by calling 262-473-0535.

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