Instacart Expands Delivery Options for Whitewater Residents

Banner note: The following information has been provided by the City of Whitewater.

As some retail options may not be directly available in Whitewater, Instacart has expanded their offering of delivery and pickup options to allow residents in the City of Whitewater to take advantage without having to leave their homes.

Options include Woodman’s Food Market, Festival Foods, Best Buy, Aldi, Sam’s Club, Target and many more.
By visiting Instacart’s website and entering in an address, the page populates with options of retail businesses that will deliver or allow for pickup from neighboring cities. This list continues to expand for groceries, electronics, home goods, pharmacies, pet supplies and more.

Economic Development Director, Cathy Anderson has used this program upon her relocation to Whitewater. “Moving to Whitewater was a great new chapter in my life,” said Anderson. “I became a resident of the city and I wanted to know firsthand what obstacles the city had. I also wanted to find the best way to provide the community with what they needed.”

“Many businesses know how vital our community is and they are willing to go the extra mile to supply Whitewater with their greatest needs,” said Anderson. “This community is so rich with creativity, growth and loyalty, it is only a matter of time until more retailers will know how imperative it is to service the city and hopefully build or relocate to Whitewater.”

To see what is available for delivery or pickup, visit and enter in your address. Residents can sign up for an account and start ordering today.

Banner note: Festival is one of the few retailers that indicates that their products are offered at shelf pricing. In most cases there is an upcharge for the products, in addition to a delivery charge and the suggestion to tip the driver.

The image on the homepage, “Mainstream Groceries Vs. ALDI” by timsamoff is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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