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Brianna Zimdars record holder, Sara Foucault, former record holder

9/24/19 Whitewater vs Jefferson/Cambridge 94-73; JV 37-63

Brianna Zimdars breaks the 100 Backstroke School Record:  1:02.59!

The Whippets were able to rack up a win against Jefferson/Cambridge with a bunch of best times and fast swimming.  Brianna Zimdars not only set the School Record in the 100 Backstroke, but also posted the third fastest time all time in the 100 Butterfly.  Grace Foucault continues to swim well adding two times to the Top 10 All Time list.  Grace is sixth all-time in the 200 Individual Medley and eighth all-time in the 100 Freestyle. 

It was a winning kind of night with the team posting 9 out of 11 first place finishes in varsity competition and 3 wins in junior varsity competition:

200 Medley Relay, (Brianna Zimdars, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs)
200 Freestyle, Ella Houwers
200 Individual Medley, Grace Foucault
50 Freestyle, Sophia Fanshaw
100 Butterfly, Brianna Zimdars
500 Freestyle, Sophia Fanshaw
100 Backstroke, Brianna Zimdars
100 Breaststroke, Ella Houwers
400 Freestyle Relay, (Ella Houwers, Ellie Treder, Sophia Fanshaw, Brianna Zimdars)

200 Freestyle – Emily Radaj
50 Freestyle – Emily Radaj
100 Butterfly – Giselle Ramirez

Some especially fast times or big time improvements came from the following swimmers.

Ella Houwers, 200 Freestyle and 100 Breaststroke
Amber Krebs, 200 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly
Grace Foucault, 200 Individual Medley, 100 Freestyle and 50 Freestyle Relay Split
Matt Zingheim, 50 Freestyle
Emily Radaj, 50 Freestyle
Sophia Fanshaw, 50 Freestyle and 500 Freestyle
Caroline Crowley, 50 Freestyle
Karime Velazquez, 100 Butterfly
Brianna Zimdars, 100 Butterfly and 100 Backstroke
Natalie Amos, 100 Freestyle
Mina Truesdale, 500 Freestyle
Ellie Treder, 500 Freestyle
Brooke Bazeley, 100 Backstroke
Josie Treder, 100 Breaststroke

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