Fall Hydrant Flushing: Week of September 27

Editor’s note: The following information was provided by the City of Whitewater Department of Public Works.

The Water Utility will begin its semi-annual water main and hydrant flushing program on Monday, September 27, through Friday, October 1, 2021. Flushing of water mains is necessary in order to continue to deliver clean, safe water to our citizens. If we have more repairs than expected throughout the week, we may have to continue flushing into the following week.

Flushing of water mains and hydrants can cause some discoloration of water. Caution should be exercised in
washing of white clothing. Discoloration of water due to flushing WILL stain white clothing. We notify the public
in all local media outlets; therefore, we cannot be responsible for stained clothing. If discoloration is detected,
run the cold-water faucet until the discoloration clears. While we are still flushing in your area, the water may
take a while to clear up. You may want to wait until we have left the area and the water settles down before
running your water tap. If reduced pressure is experienced after flushing, you may have to clean the aerators
on your house faucets.

For additional questions or concerns, contact the Water Utility at (262) 473-0560. For other requests, visit

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