Coronavirus – an Editorial

An editorial by Lisa Dawsey Smith, Whitewater Banner Content Editor

We’ve seen the headlines and by now many of us have also seen the memes as the internet is often quick on the uptake to make a joke of what are frequently rather serious situations. But what are the real implications of Coronavirus to our community in Whitewater, WI? I’m hoping that some of the information sources I’ve found provide context, reassurance, and quality information for you as well.

The World Health Organization provides both a description of Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as well as a constantly updated timeline of relevant facts here.

The Centers for Disease Control also provides up-to-date information on 2019-nCoV here.

What about all of those face masks? Should I be wearing one? More on that here.

he CDC has an entire directive called: Clean Hands Save Lives. Find excellent tips (great for kids) on proper handwashing to stop the spread of illness here.

Medical professionals say that the average risk to Americans is very low for contracting coronavirus. Far more members of our local community are at risk for contracting influenza this winter season, so please wash your hands and stay home from work/school when you are ill. Also as a reminder for those who may be interested it is not too late to get a flu shot. Hospitals and clinics are seeing a big uptick in cases of the flu right now in the Madison area. The person in charge of monitoring the flu statewide says Wisconsin will likely see even sharper increases in the coming weeks. “We’re not at peak activity yet,” said DHS Influenza Surveillance Coordinator Tom Haupt. “We probably won’t be at peak activity for several weeks, followed by many more weeks of high activity.”

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