Common Council Authorizes Settlement of Walmart’s Property Assessment Claim

On July 15, 2019 Walmart sued the City of Whitewater, alleging that its property had been inappropriately assessed for 2019 at $5,970,000. Walmart claimed that the assessed value should have been $4,500,000. If it had been granted that reduction, Walmart would have been entitled to a refund of approximately $30,884, of which $9,830 would have been the city’s share after charging back the school district, the county, and the technical college for their share.

The city’s legal counsel engaged in negotiations with Walmart’s counsel in an effort to reach a settlement that would avoid the substantial appraisal and legal fees that would be required for a trial.

At the Common Council meeting on January 21, City Attorney Wallace McDonell recommended that the city settle for an assessed value of $5,657,300, which had been accepted by Walmart. This reduction in assessment would result in a refund of $6,576, with the city’s portion being $2,093.

The Council voted unanimously to accept this settlement.

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