City Issues Burn Ban

June 16, 2021- Effective immediately, the City of Whitewater is issuing a burn ban within city
limits until further notice.

Warm weather and inadequate rainfall are putting southeast Wisconsin in severe drought conditions.
Vegetation is drying out, which increases the risk of wildfires.

The city is suspending the issuance of burn permits. There is to be no burning of organic yard waste.
Recreational burning, such as campfires or bonfires is also prohibited.

Outdoor grills and open flames are only to be used for cooking purposes. Dispose of any ashes properly and
do not leave fires unattended.

As a reminder, the use of fireworks is illegal and prohibited by law within the city limits.

Citizens found to be in violation of the burn ban will be subject to fines, penalties and costs related to
prosecution. Those in violation might also be responsible for reimbursing the city for costs related to
extinguishing the fire by the Whitewater Volunteer Fire Department.

For additional questions or concerns, contact Neighborhood Services Director, Chris Bennett at
(262) 473-0143 or

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