Bike Elves – May 15, 6:00 pm, Irvin L. Young Memorial Library

The Bike Elves will be here to discuss bicycle maintenance.  They will demonstrate how to properly inflate a tire, how to change tubes, and how to tell what size tube your bike will need.  This event is free and for the entire family.  The Bike Elves will have a few bikes on hand to give out to children who do not have a bike.  For those children who do have a bike, they will enter their name into a drawing for a bicycle accessory.

The Bike Elves project is focused on providing bicycles for children.  They take donated bikes, fix them up and give them away to children that do not have a bike, have a bike that is broken or a bike that is too small.  They often trade a broken bike for one that is not broken and trade up bikes from a too small bike to a right sized bike. Children are their major focus, however, they do provide bikes for adults who need bikes to get back and forth to work.  The Bike Elves are “changing the world, one smile at a time!”


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