Artists and Art-Advocates Invited to Whitewater Arts Alliance’s Annual Meeting to Review 2018 and Plan 2019

The Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA) will celebrate 2018 at an annual meeting on Tuesday, October 23 at 7 pm at the Cultural Arts Center on 402 West Main Street. The meeting will feature a review of 2018, the election of board members, and an announcement of the 2019 public art project.

WAA Co-President Linda Long said, “The annual meeting is a great time to visit with other members of the WAA, ask questions about our past year and plans for the future, and share your ideas with the Board.  We hope lots of members will join us!”

The board members of the Whitewater Arts Alliance invite artists, art-lovers and community members to join them at the annual meeting.  Anyone interested in serving on the board or as an officer should contact Linda Long (262-473-5538 or or Megan Matthews (262-472-7022 or and plan to attend the meeting.   Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

WAA Co-President Megan Matthews said, “The Arts Alliance has had a great year!  Our artists and volunteers have done amazing work and brought shows, workshops, and concerts to Whitewater that have helped us see things in new ways and enjoy our community.  We are happy to celebrate their hard work and look forward to 2019.”

The members of the Whitewater Arts Alliance include artists and people who enjoy art.  Artists and art-advocates alike are invited to join the Whitewater Arts Alliance.  Members receive regular communication from the Alliance regarding art-happenings in the area.  By becoming members, they also are helping to support an active thriving arts alliance in our community.  Please check out the WAA website on or on Facebook.  All members are invited to renew their membership for 2019 and help bring the arts to life in Whitewater!

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