Fran Achen Photo Competition Results

Results of the Fran Achen Photo Competition are as follows:

Best of Show: Jeff McDonald, “Sturgeon Bay Light”

Accomplished – 1st Place: William Eklund, “Test 4 Echo”
Accomplished – 2nd Place: Mary Ellsworth, “Hen and Chicks”
Accomplished – 3rd Place: Karl Mohr, “American Homestead”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: Everett Long, “Snowy Egret in Breeding Plumage”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: James J Marsala, “Wheels of Change”
Accomplished – Honorable Mention: David Throgmartin, “Great Horned Owl”

Amateur – 1st Place: Joseph Suchy, “Fire and Ice”
Amateur – 2nd Place: Sandy Ott, “Barn Ghost”
Amateur – 3rd Place: Robert Buell, “Winter Scene – Bark River”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: Robert Buell, “The Forest Floor”
Amateur – Honorable Mention: Signe Trewyn, “Morning’s Work”

Youth/Teen – 1st Place: Cambell Alexander, “Resting Butterfly”
Youth/Teen – 2nd Place: Morgan Janovec, “Scintillam”
Youth/Teen – 3rd Place: Linnea Tabaka, “On the Web”

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