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“Santa & Friends” – A safe holiday drive-up experience at the Aquatic & Fitness Center – Sat., Dec. 5

November 26, 2020

(WAFC press release) The WAFC along the Friends of the WAFC group and the Whitewater Optimist Club will be hosting a drive thru Santa and Friends event on Saturday December 5th from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m.  Folks will drive through our parking lot to see festive lights/displays with Holiday characters and receive a Holiday goodie bag at the end. Participants are encouraged to bring along a nonperishable food donation. We will be donating all of the collected food items to the local food pantry.

UW-W defeats Northwestern Univ. and Univ. of Chicago to compete in Fed Challenge national semifinals

November 26, 2020

UW-Whitewater defeats Northwestern University and University of Chicago to compete in Fed Challenge national semifinals

(UW-W College of Business & Economics press release) For the second time in four years, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College Fed Challenge team excelled in regional competition and competed among the nation’s best economics programs.

UW-Whitewater prevailed against some of the strongest teams in the Midwest district — including Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and Marquette University — in order to advance to the national semifinal round. Final rankings were announced on Nov. 20, naming the top three teams as well as three other finalists. While UW-Whitewater was not included among the winners or national finalists, the students’ dedication and performance reflect highly on the university.

The 2020 UW-Whitewater College Fed Challenge Team included presenting members Nicole Carter from Cary, Ill., who is majoring in international studies and economics, Clayton Gallmann from Oshkosh, Wis., who is majoring in economics, Cole Kinson from Elkhorn, Wis., who is majoring in economics and mathematics, Kevin Peralta from Racine, Wis., who is majoring in economics, and Johnny Pulley from Stoughton, Wis., who is majoring in economics. Tyler Grissom from Cedarburg, Wis., who is majoring in international business and German, also contributed to the team’s success as a non-presenting member by providing significant research and analysis support.

In addition, economics faculty members Professor Yamin Ahmad, Associate Professor Eylem Ersal, Assistant Professor Krastina Dzhambova, Assistant Professor Narendra Regmi, and Professor Emeritus Stuart Glosser also devoted many hours as team coaches. They helped the team prepare and refine their presentation, and ran them through Q&A drills.

Co-sponsored by the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Banks, the College Fed Challenge is the preeminent economics educational competition that teaches students to think critically about the U.S. economy, financial markets and monetary policy.

“The competition requires a lot of research, and students get a feel for what macroeconomists do,” said Yamin Ahmad, professor of economics. “The team suggested a particular policy decision in the presentation video, and the Federal Reserve ended up taking that action a week later. So the students could see that they were on target with their analysis, and they were really excited.”

In past years, bracketed competitions led to district winners who advanced to the national round. This year, all teams in a district competed directly against each other with video presentations. The top three teams from each district advanced to the national semifinals, which featured a virtual question-and-answer session with judges. Team performances in the Q&A resulted in one finalist for each district, as well as the national first-, second- and third-place rankings.

“The team started preparing in March, at the start of the pandemic,” said Ahmad. “They met remotely every week from March into November, and their dedication and hard work were reflected in their performance. They went up against some very strong economics teams to make it to the national semifinals.”

Beyond economic acumen, analytical skills and presentation abilities, the College Fed Challenge requires strong teamwork skills.

“The students pulled together right away, and they excelled based on their ability to work as a team,” said Ahmad.

“The primary takeaway from my first year of being the team captain is how grateful I am that I was working with dedicated teammates and faculty advisors who cared about how well the team did,” said Cole Kinson. “As the competition grew nearer, it became more and more clear that we could never have advanced as far as we did without the effort put in by every single teammate, nor without the help we received from the faculty advisors. The project was just too large-scale to do without everyone’s combined effort.”

The Warhawks’ journey to the semifinals is particularly noteworthy during a year of unusual disruption. When announcing the winners, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, commended all participants on the talent and drive required of both students and faculty advisers to compete in this event during a time of so much upheaval.

The Christkindlmarket scheduled for Dec. 5 at First English Lutheran Church has been cancelled

November 25, 2020

Per Janna Smith, the Christkindlmarket chair, “We are doing this out of caution but have high hopes to hold a Christkindlmarket next year in 2021.”

Tradition for Celebrating American Education Week Continues

November 25, 2020

Images provided by Tom Ganser

School board members Tom Ganser and Jim Stewart, and WUSD School Board Secretary Jaclyn Tueting delivered scones on November 19 for the staffs at Lakeview Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Whitewater Middle School, and Whitewater High School in celebration of American Education Week.  Scones were also given to the Central Office Staff.

Girls’ Basketball Falls in Opener; Games Can Be Watched Online

November 25, 2020

Whitewater Girls’ Basketball fell to Lake Mills in their season opener on Tuesday, November 24, 62-23. The young Whippets were down 26-14 at the half. Captain Kacie Carollo scored 15 for the Whippets with additional points added by Lexi Juoni, Jenna Pope, and Kindyl Kilar.

Total fouls were even with 14 for Lake Mills and 13 for Whitewater. Ten of Lake Mills’ fouls came in the first half.

2020-2021 Whippet Roster

3Nikita Hartzheim11Guard
4Jenna Pope10Guard
10Savannah Hill11Guard
14Kindyl Kilar10Guard/Forward
15Kacie Carollo12Guard
21Mayte Navejas9Guard
22Danielle DePorter9Guard
23Cali Kopecky10Guard
30Aidyn Amundson9Forward
32Lexi Juoni11Guard
33Gwen Truesdale11Guard/Forward
35Cora Linos12Forward/Center

The Whippets are coached by Kristen Lippens.

The Rock Valley Conference is not allowing spectators at games this season, but many games if not all will be livestreamed. Watch the Whitewater High School Facebook page for information on how to watch each away game. Catch all home Whippet basketball and wrestling matches streaming live on YouTube. The channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSNbiMBtrtpskkb5l3OBQA. After going to that link, you’ll need to subscribe to the channel, and you should be all set. The games will be under the videos tab and should start recording approximately 10-15 minutes before each game. 

COVID-19 update: Over 200 new cases reported in Walworth County portion of the city in past two weeks; It appears only about half were UW-W related

November 24, 2020

By Lynn Binnie
Whitewater Banner volunteer staff
November 24, 2020

  • It’s not possible to precisely differentiate new cases at UW-W from those in the larger community, but in a recent two week period there were 202 new positive results in the Walworth County portion of the city, and during that period UW-W “only” reported 112. Presumably some of UW-W’s cases would have been reported in Jefferson County. Out of the tests reported in the Walworth County portion of the city in the past week, an alarming 55% were positive. Mandi Kolb, a 911 dispatcher, stated at the virtual WUSD board meeting on Monday evening that she is “taking call after call related to COVID-19.”
  • With a 7-day case incidence as of November 24 of 86.3, Walworth County’s positive cases have moderated slightly, from 92.4 in the past week. The county is still very deeply into the “very high risk” category (which begins at 25) under the Jefferson County model that Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) is no longer using as guidance. Whitewater’s case incidence, 121, is even higher than Walworth County’s, and continues to climb. Meanwhile, Jefferson County is currently reporting a 7-day case incidence as of November 14 of 85, down somewhat from last week’s 95. The statewide case incidence is reported to be 108.5. (Case incidence = daily average new cases per 100,000 people.)
  • Informed by new guidance from Walworth and Rock Counties, the WUSD board voted on November 23 to pause in-person instruction beginning Nov. 30. With rapidly rising cases in the area, the health departments reverted to Phase I in their COVID-19 guidance and expressed concern regarding the potential for additional spikes related to the upcoming holidays. The school district has now had four school closings since the gradual return to in-person school, with classes going virtual at Lakeview for 11/5-6, at the High School on 11/9, at Lincoln for 11/10-12, and at the High School for 11/20. Though the District Administrator indicated on November 23 that there is only evidence of one student having been infected at school, cases among students have risen considerably. The 29 new staff/student cases (including 6 staff) continued an upward trend, compared with 24 new cases in the previous week. WUSD’s current data indicates that since September 1 there have been 57 positive cases among students and 17 staff members. In-person classes resumed fulltime for 4K – 5th grade on September 28; grades 6-12 began a hybrid model on October 12, and fulltime in-person classes resumed on November 2.
  • UWWs current data shows that last week there were 47 students and 2 staff/others with positive PCR tests, a decline from the 57 students in the previous week. In the initial four weeks of the semester there had been a total of 371 students and 15 others. In the past seven weeks there have been 246 students and 23 others with positive PCR tests. Positive results from the rapid antigen tests that are administered to asymptomatic and random volunteers increased from 1.1% six weeks ago to 1.9% five weeks ago, 3.35% four weeks ago, to 8.15% three weeks ago. With an increase in testing, those results dropped two weeks ago to 5.85% positive, and this past week to 3.6%.
  • Two weeks ago the state introduced a new “critically high” COVID activity level. Per this state website, the state as a whole and all counties except Green now have “critically high” COVID activity levels. Per the state, “COVID-19 remains very contagious and most people in Wisconsin are still at risk of getting sick from the virus.”


End DateNew cases/14 daysIncidenceNew cases/7 daysIncidence


End DateNew cases/14 daysIncidenceNew cases/7 daysIncidence


End Date# Tests Reported – 14 days# PositivePositivity %# Tests Reported – 7 days#PositivePositivity %


End Date# Tests Reported – 14 days#PositivePositivity %# Tests Reported – 7 days# PositivePositivity %% of Those with Positive Results Who Reported being Asymptomatic Total Deaths
Note: On May 12, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) advised governments that before reopening, rates of positivity in testing (ie, out of all tests conducted, how many came back positive for COVID-19) should remain at 5% or lower for at least 14 days. If a positivity rate is too high, that may indicate that the state is only testing the sickest patients who seek medical attention, and is not casting a wide enough net to know how much of the virus is spreading within its communities. Wisconsin’s current positivity rate is 36.5%.

WUSD is providing the following “COVID Tracking Data” on its website at this link.


On September 23, 2020 the WUSD School Board voted to suspend the utilization of a community level metric.

Below is the cumulative and current number of close contact, symptomatic, COVID positive staff and students.

District COVID Tracking Data Sept 1 – November 23 (updated Nov. 24)
CumulativeNov. 23
Close Contact Positive Person5514
Showing Symptoms482
Tested COVID-Positive173
Total Quarantined Staff120
STUDENTSClose Contact Positive Person 343115
Showing Symptoms3868
Tested COVID-Positive5719
Total Quarantined Students786
TotalsNumber of Positive COVID Cases74
Number of Days of School56

UWW has established the following dashboard which provides useful information. It is found at this link.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-changing situation and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater actively monitors and reviews a series of health, safety, and resource metrics to guide decision-making with regard to university operations. These metrics are considered in combination and consultation with recommendations and orders from the state and county health departments before any changes in operations are made.

Last Updated 11/24/2020 at 9:00 AM

COVID-19 cases reported to UW-Whitewater

New reports – Week of Nov. 15-21Previous weekCumulative reports since March 2020

Dashboard is updated on business days with available data. Numbers include cases reported through university-coordinated testing, as well as those reported through the COVID-19 Hotline, which may include testing that occurred off-campus through other health clinics/providers. Student employees are counted in the student numbers. The “Other” category is defined as any positive cases reported to UW-Whitewater who are neither students nor employees and may include visitors to the university, contractors or vendors, or others who have been to the university in person.  These numbers represent individuals who have had direct contact with the campuses.  Individuals who are working or attending solely in a remote manner and not living in University Housing are not included.

Regional Metrics

University Health and Counseling Services (11/9-11/23)Walworth County (11/7-11/20)Rock County (10/28-11/10)Jefferson CountyWisconsin (7-day average)
Percent Positive40% (114/288*)24.45%31.9%25%29.3%
Time to complete contact tracing100% of contacts are initiated within 48 hours**29% of contacts are initiated within 48 hours23% of contacts are initiated within 48 hoursNot AvailableN/A
Healthcare system capacity levelNo crisis management of care8% ICU beds availableHospitals at a medium capacity levelNot Available15% Available (Based on Immediate Bed Availability)
Total cases per 100,000n/a1373.1
(98.1 per day)
(94.3 per day)

*UHCS percentage positive is based on PCR testing performed at the University Clinic site of students only.  Case totals are represented by (Total Positives/Total PCR Tests)

**To avoid duplication, UHCS actively partners with Walworth, Rock, and Jefferson Health Departments.  County Health Departments do tracing of positive cases and UHCS employees do tracing of contact cases. 

Previous 7 days of PCR Tests Administered

PCR* Test Date# of PCR Tests Administered

*PCR testing is conducted on symptomatic individuals and individuals with positive Antigen testing results.

Total All PCR Tests# of PCR Negative# of PCR PositivePercentage Positive
3.2%Antigen* Test Date# of Antigen Tests Administered# of Antigen Negative Results# of Antigen Positive ResultsPercentage Positive
Weekly total 15371477553.6%
Total All Antigen Tests680165052844.2%

*Antigen testing is conducted on asymptomatic and random volunteers.

Kelly Davis not running for re-election on WUSD Board (Updated)

November 24, 2020

By Lynn Binnie
Whitewater Banner volunteer staff

In response to a question as to whether she had decided whether to run for re-election in April to the Whitewater Unified School Board, Kelly Davis provided this response, “I have been humbled to serve on the Whitewater Unified School District School Board for the past six years, but recently informed Dr Pate-Hefty, the entire School Board, District administrative leaders and past supporters that I will not be running again in April. I am, of course, happy to talk with anyone who may want to know more about running for and serving on the Board.” Ms. Davis currently serves as Vice President of the board.

The seat currently held by Tom Ganser will also be on the April 6, 2021 election. Mr. Ganser told the Banner that he plans to run for reelection.

(Banner comment: Updates made in this paragraph.) Board members are elected for three-year terms, and may be paid $15 per meeting, although many decline to accept the payment. In addition to regular meetings on the fourth Monday of each month, members are also appointed to serve on committees. In December’s meeting there is planned to be discussion about the “quantity of school board meetings,” an item that was deferred from the November agenda. Reportedly in the past the board sometimes met twice monthly.

Per Kelly’s invitation, residents of the school district who may be interested in running for the board could contact her at kellydavis@wwusd.org. Information may also be obtained from the School Board Secretary, Jaclyn Tueting, at jtueting@wwusd.org, 419 S. Elizabeth St., or 262-472-8702. The deadline for filing for candidacy with Ms. Tueting is 5:00 p.m. on January 5, 2021. Candidates are not required to submit nominating petitions. They do not run for a specific seat; in this case, the two candidates with the most votes will be elected.

UW-W reprises its role of service to the community during crisis

November 24, 2020

UW-Whitewater reprises its role of service to the community during crisis

(UW-W press release) The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the Whitewater community have been through a great deal together in more than 150 years, including two world wars, the 1918 influenza pandemic and, now, the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the University of Wisconsin System, UW-Whitewater abides by the Wisconsin Idea — the idea that knowledge and research from the universities should benefit citizens across the state. In October, as COVID-19 cases spiked, UW System President Tommy Thompson called system campuses to put the Wisconsin Idea into practice by serving as regional COVID-19 surge testing centers during a six-week federal testing program secured by Thompson, who is a former secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To date, 4,565 people — including UW-Whitewater students, faculty and staff and Whitewater community members — have used the testing site in the Kris Russell Volleyball Arena at UW-Whitewater’s Williams Center athletics facility.

Other members of the campus community have met the call as well. Students have reached out to fellow Warhawks who are in quarantine from COVID-19 and attending classes remotely. The Warhawk Pantry fills requests for extra food from students in quarantine at Clem Hall and from students quarantining at home off campus. Student organizations have led drives for gifts and food.

While the marshalling of efforts to meet the challenge of COVID-19 may feel unprecedented, it is just the latest manifestation of a Warhawk tradition of community and caring in times of crisis.

In spring 1917, students at the Whitewater Normal School, as the institution was named at the time, were looking forward to music and dancing at the annual spring pageant. But that changed when war was declared against Germany, and the U.S. entered World War I.

“Plans for the annual pageant, by all means the biggest event of the school year, were well under way,” said a story in the Whitewater Register. “Then came the declaration of war. Both faculty and students felt that they wished to do something.”

The pageant money was spent on seeds to raise crops on a two-acre plot on campus. The Register reporter wrote: “The men decided to digress from dancing to the cultivation of beans. The proceeds from the sale of the crop will be given to the Red Cross.”

Women, who had been admitted to the college from its inception in 1868, were not to be outdone by the gardeners. On the first day of Commencement Week, the day always set aside for the pageant, the women instead staged a benefit “fete” with music, dancing and drills for the public, charging 25 cents per person. Through 1918, the campaigns raised $1,250 — a fortune in those days — toward a national effort to house soldiers.

By 1918, the nation was dealing with both the final year of World War I and the first year of a worldwide flu pandemic. In just over two years, the pandemic would claim millions of lives worldwide. In Whitewater, people were asked to protect themselves in ways that will sound familiar today: avoiding contact with others, keeping hands clean, keeping hands out of the mouth, covering the nose with a handkerchief, boiling that handkerchief to clean it, avoiding direct contact with the sick, refraining from sharing tableware and getting good food and rest.

Beneath the title “If you have it —,” a Whitewater Register newspaper item published that year listed numerous precautions for flu victims to observe, including, “Do not kiss anyone.”

To make the pandemic more terrifying, it would ebb like the tide, and then return, twice, like a tsunami. During the second wave, a December 1918 Royal Purple story stated, “Whitewater is harder hit this time than last, but nothing is closed up and people seem to think there is no danger at all. And it is in that that the real danger lies.”

A little more than two decades later, in 1942, the Royal Purple was reporting on the early, dark days of World War II. Students volunteered with citizens in drives to fold surgical dressings for the Red Cross. For October alone, the quota of dressings expected from Whitewater was a sobering 20,000 bandages.

Quite possibly with a pang of emotion from personal experience, the Royal Purple reporter wrote, “There certainly must be very few on the campus who have not had the war brought close to home since last December.”

During World War II, the Wisconsin Idea of sending university expertise to every corner of the state was in full strength. In 1943 the Whitewater campus hosted one of Wisconsin’s eight Wartime Farm and Home Week sessions, a traveling short course by faculty from the College of Agriculture at UW-Madison. Dean Chris Christensen stated in the Royal Purple that the college “is moving programs out to you in critical days when all our efforts are directed in a maximum production of food, feed and fiber.”

Homemakers heard Frances Zuell, of the home economics program at UW-Madison, talk about “Woman Power in War Years.” Zuell and other home economist faculty taught about good nutrition, family morale, wasting nothing and, above all, how to make food and clothing last as long as possible.

Fast forward to 2020. Last month, as political science honor student Aailya Evans packed gift bags for students in COVID-19 quarantine, she said, “I just wanted to give back to the community and the students on campus who have been affected by COVID. I would say to them, ‘Stay strong. I hope we can make you smile and know that we’re still here for you.’”


Jeanine R. Stauffacher, 81, of Whitewater passed away on Sunday, November 22, 2020 at Fairhaven

Jeanine R. Stauffacher, 81, of Whitewater passed away on Sunday, November 22, 2020 at Fairhaven. Jeanine was born on November 23, 1938 in Green Bay, Wisconsin to Raymond and Gertrude Larsen.  She grew up on the family farm and was very active in her local 4-H club.  After graduating from Denmark High School in 1956, Jeanine attended Stout State College and received a bachelor’s degree in home economics education in 1960.  While attending college, she was active in her Sorority Alpha Phi and was the active member president in 1959-1960.  After graduating Stout, Jeanine taught at Beaver Dam high school for one year.  On June … Read more

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Charles Thomas Janulewicz “Bear,” 66, was called home to be with his Wife Gloria on the 14th of November in Mesa, AZ

Charles Thomas Janulewicz “Bear” “Bear,” 66, Was called home to be with his Wife Gloria on Saturday the 14th of November in Mesa, Arizona. Bear was married to Gloria J. Janulewicz for 27 unforgettable years. In 2006 Bear lost the love of his life. Bear spoke of Gloria every day and of the day when he would be reunited with her. Bear is survived by his 3 daughters, Candi, Cindi, and Conni and son Robert, 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and many more extended family members. Bear had a busy life filled with family, friends, and amazing bike rides on his Harley … Read more

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Doris S. Zahn, 89, died peacefully at her home, Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Obituary of Doris Schindel Zahn Doris S. Zahn, 89, died peacefully at her home, Wednesday, November 11, 2020. She was born in Juneau, WI, on July 12, 1931 to Fred and Edith (Zemlo) Schindel. She attended St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Juneau, and later graduated from Horicon High School after the family moved to a small farm in Burnett. She learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and frugal living from her mother Edith. Her dad Fred worked with Karl Zahn at the Dodge County highway department and thought he was a young man with too much promise to … Read more

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Doris Mae Schwebke, age 84, died Friday, November 13, 2020 at SSM St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital

Doris Mae Schwebke, age 84, died Friday, November 13, 2020, at SSM St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital. She was born on July 1, 1936 in Ashtubula, Ohio, the daughter of Joseph and Della (Hinkle) Kincaid. She was the widow of Reginald Schwebke who preceded her in death in 2006. She was a homemaker and stay at home mom as her children grew up. While they were attending school, she did volunteer work for the schools they attended. Doris resided in Wisconsin much of her life but following Reginald’s retirement, they lived in Florida for a time until returning to Wisconsin. Doris … Read more

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Helen S. Ramirez nee Panagiotopoulos, 36, of Whitewater, became our angel on November 10, 2020

Helen S. Ramirez nee Panagiotopoulos, 36 of Whitewater, became our angel on November 10th, 2020.  She is survived by her husband, Richard Ramirez; daughter, Addalynn Ramirez; mother and father, Alpha and Sam Panagiotopoulos; brother, Sammy Panagiotopoulos; her fur babies, Brendul and Brandy and many family and friends.  Helen welcomed everyone she met with open arms and made you feel like family.  She always had a kind word to say and made you look at the world in a brighter light.  She was a loving wife, a strong supportive mother, she was the glue that held her family together, and a … Read more

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Barbara Darlene (Goodson) Hoge of Whitewater passed away at the Rainbow Hospice Inpatient Facility on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020

Barbara Darlene (Goodson) Hoge of Whitewater, WI passed away at the Rainbow Hospice Inpatient Facility in Johnson Creek on Tuesday, Nov.10, 2020. Barbara was born in Cabool, Missouri on Jan.19, 1947, the daughter of James Ace and Pearl Lorene (Durbin) Goodson. She enjoyed farming for many years and all her kitties. She married John Hoge on June 26, 1970 in Whitewater. Her parents James Ace Goodson and Pearl Lorene Durbin were from Missouri and both are deceased. Barbara was also preceded in death by sisters, Mary Schneeberg and Kathleen Goodson, and a brother-in-law Wayne Hesse. Barbara is survived by her … Read more

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Barbara J. Smiley, 77, of Fort Atkinson, passed away on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Barbara J. Smiley, 77, of Fort Atkinson, passed away on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Barb was born on November 20, 1942, daughter of the late John and Ruth (McGuire) Smiley. She worked for many years at Opportunities Inc. She enjoyed dogs and spending time with people. Barb is survived by many nieces and nephews. She was also preceded in death by her sisters, Margaret Smith and Betty Smiley and her brother, John Smiley. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at the Dunlap Memorial Home in Fort Atkinson. Visitation will take place from 1 … Read more

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Mr. Al Brandenburg of Fort Atkinson died on November 10, 2020 after a brief illness

Mr. Al Brandenburg of Fort Atkinson died on November 10, 2020 after a brief illness. Al was born in Eau Galle, WI on February 10, 1918, the son of William and Elsie (Buchholtz) Brandenburg. He attended the Mayville High School and later resided in Watertown, WI until his marriage to Elaine Wittmann on February 8, 1947 in Fort Atkinson. He was employed as a paint line supervisor at Thomas Industries in Fort Atkinson for 22 years and Amron Corporation in Waukesha until his retirement in 1982. Al loved hunting, fishing and sports in general. In fact, he was on stand … Read more

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William “Bill” F. Schulte, 82, of Whitewater passed away on November 11, 2020 at his home

William “Bill” F. Schulte, 82, of Whitewater passed away on November 11, 2020 at his home. Bill was born on November 15, 1937 in Milwaukee to Vernon and Mary (Hanrahan) Schulte. He graduated from Waukesha Catholic Memorial High School. On February 13, 1960 Bill married Judith Neverman in Waukesha and together they had five children. Bill ran the Clark Station in Whitewater for many years and then worked for Weiler and Company as a machinist and later as a sales rep. He enjoyed fishing, golfing, spending time with his grandkids and great-grandkids, and loved watching Wisconsin sports. Bill was a … Read more

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In the early hours of Sunday morning November 8, 2020 Marlene Violet Molisee passed away while sleeping in her Whitewater home

In the early hours of Sunday morning November 8th, 2020 Marlene Violet Molisee passed away while sleeping in her Whitewater home due to complications of the cancer she had suffered with for more than the last few years.  She was born in Duluth, Minnesota on June 12th, 1947 to Peter and Violet Trader.   In spite of her illness she had a natural strength and desire to survive that kept her fighting until the very last breath so that she could spend every single second available to her in the presence of those that she had loved so much in … Read more

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Charles Thomas Janulewicz “Bear,” 66, was called home to be with his Wife Gloria on the 14th of November in Mesa, AZ

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