Whippet Tennis Falls to Jefferson

The Whippets lost a close 3-4 match to Jefferson at Whitewater on Monday, September 9.

We certainly had our opportunities to pull this match out. Our lack of footwork continues to be an area that we need to work on. If we don’t move you can’t get the ball to go where you need it to go. I was pleased with several things as well though. Our 1 and 2 singles players actually played some very nice points. They were setting their points up quite well, but they were playing two very good players who don’t let you make an error of any kind without making you pay for it.

Photos Courtesy of Bob Mischka

Tessa Papcke showed some mental toughness after completely losing focus in the second set; she was able to pull it back together and win a close 3rd set.

Our 1 and 2 doubles teams were hitting some very nice angles at the net. That is something that we have been working on and was a definite positive this evening.

On Thursday we head to Walworth to face a very tough Big Foot team.

Article Submitted by Coach Tim Nelson

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