Kikkoman Foods Inc. donates $100,000 for WHS scholarships

On Friday, June 8, Kikkoman Foods Inc., a subsidiary of Kikkoman Corp., the world’s leading producer of soy sauce, announced at its press conference, to kick off their 45th anniversary of their town of Walworth soy sauce factory, that they would be endowing $100,000 with an expressed purpose of funding endowed scholarship(s) for graduating seniors at Whitewater High School. The Whitewater Unified School District was one of six Walworth County school districts to receive the $100,000 donation. The Whitewater Community Foundation will serve as the steward of the donation.

“We are grateful to be considered by Kikkoman Foods Inc. for this sizable donation,” stated Dr. Mark Elworthy, District Administrator of the Whitewater Unified School District. It has been a wonderful journey working with representatives from Kikkoman Foods Inc. in finalizing the donation. Our graduating seniors will truly benefit from Kikkoman Foods Inc.’s generosity. Receiving an education beyond high school, whether a two or four-year degree, is the gateway to success. This gift will allow our seniors to pursue their dreams.

Danielle Frawley, Whitewater Community Foundation President, added, “The Whitewater Community Foundation is proud to steward the generous funds provided by Kikkoman Foods Inc. to provide scholarships to the Whitewater Unified School District students for generations to come. Over the next several months we will be encouraging the Community of Whitewater to match the donation provided by Kikkoman Corp. to share our gratefulness of their generosity.”

Since endowed scholarships are funded by interest earned from the donation, the first Kikkoman Foods Inc. Scholarship will be distributed in 2020.

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